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The Great Debate: Head To Head Games

There is no shortage of controversy in politics and both political parties are certainly heating things up this year with the pending presidential election in November. Along with all of that comes the debate season which is in full swing at this point. The democratic candidate and the republican candidate both squaring off to do battle with words. As debate season continues, this would be the best time to take a look at head to head contests where contest players [...]

Playing Contests On Big Racing Days

As handicapping contests become more and more a part of the landscape of the racing world you will see that contests on big racing days will become more common and also more lucrative than ever. With the Breeders' Cup on the horizon I felt it was only appropriate to broach the subject. I will have to be completely honest with you in regard to contests on big racing days. I actually do not like them as much as I do [...]

The Contest “At Bat”

In the sport of baseball the term “AT BAT” (AB) is used, in its simplest form, to describe the action of a batter facing a pitcher during the course of the game. It is generally believed that the more “AT BATS” a particular hitter accumulates during the course of a season the better it is. To break the concept down even further, the more times the hitter gets an opportunity to bat the better the odds of him getting a [...]

Being Dynamic

Playing the races sometimes can be characterized as a marathon and not a sprint. Your results over an extended period of time can, and will, determine your success wagering on horses. Having certain methods and/or strategies that produce results are often repeated by successful horseplayers. With that being said, playing in contests, in comparison, differs greatly from wagering horses on a day to day basis. Horseplayers that play the races daily, weekly and even monthly, typically, would hone in on [...]

To Favorite or Not To Favorite

When a contest player breaks down a contest to its simplest form, it really is all about decisions. Whether it be what contest to play on a given day to what handicapping information to use, making decisions, right or wrong, will dictate most aspects of your contest play. A crucial and much debated decision to use or not use favorites in a contest will be discussed as long as contest play exists. I am going to review the aspects of [...]

The Beauty Of Low Buy-In Single Track Contests

There are many types of contests to choose from on BetAmerica and sometimes it can be a challenge to get the most value out of the contests you are playing in. Factors including the series of races, potential track conditions, and even your personal commitment of time can steer you in one direction or another. To help with possible game selection dilemmas I am going to highlight a great contest that can be lucrative and great assistance to novice and expert players alike. The low buy-in single [...]

Two Entry Strategies

Everywhere you look these days you will be able to easily find two for one deals. Whether it be for food, video games, shoes, hats, and even cars you can always find a "B.O.G.O" (Buy One Get One) and feel like you get your money's worth. Obviously the "B.O.G.O" is a clever psychological marketing scheme but the idea of having more of something always has appeal and it is no different in handicapping contests. When handicapping contests allow for more than [...]

Finding Your Contest Identity

There are a lot of similarities between being a contest player and personal identity. Personal identity is defined as the concept of yourself that evolves over the course of your lifetime. In comparison, the identity of a contest player evolves from prior experiences in contests and building upon them. Its actually not as simple as it sounds, but knowing yourself as a contest player will greatly improve your contest play To establish your contest identity, you must understand your strengths [...]

Weekend Handicapping Contest Recap

As racing shifts into the summer months, the action and competition will certainly heat up. The handicapping contests this past weekend were absolutely on fire and BetAmerica will be the best place to compete all summer long with great competition and lucrative prizes. A wide variety of contests set the stage for some great handicappers to showcase their skills. $2,000 Thoroughbred Game Kicking off the great weekend was the $2,000 Thoroughbred Game which included races from Santa Anita and Belmont Park in a ten [...]

Preparing For Contest Play

One of the founding fathers of United States of America, Ben Franklin, once said "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." The quote is quite an appropriate perspective coming from someone who was an author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. How a contest player goes about their preparation for a contest can make all the difference between the fine line of winning and losing. Methods and preparation techniques could be discussed in great [...]