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7 Surprising Stats About Kentucky Derby Betting

With just over 2 months remaining until the 2017 Kentucky Derby, the action is heating up as contenders travel across the country in search of qualifying points. With each passing week, the field for the 143rd running over "the most exciting two minutes in sports" slowly takes shape. Betting on the 2017 Kentucky Derby is already underway via "futures" pools, and serious players already are doing in-depth research on this year's crop of potential entries. As such, we decided to [...]

Wearable Technology in Horse Racing: Gaining an Edge on the Competition

In modern sports, the use of wearable technology to help optimize athlete performance has become almost commonplace. In September of 2014, The Dallas Morning News reported that the NBA's Dallas Mavericks had begun not only wearing Readiband sleep-monitoring watches at night, but also wearing Catapult Optimeye tracking devices between their shoulder blades during trainings. Referred to as a bio-analytics platform, the Optimeye technology is designed to monitor the so-called “training loads” placed on player’s bodies by emitting “real-time data on [...]