How to bet Horse Racing with the BetAmerica online betting platform

Welcome to the new BetAmerica horse wagering experience!

Instructions for how to navigate and bet with the new BetAmerica horse racing platform can be found below. Or, find key new features and highlights to help get started quickly in using the new horse racing interface. There are short video tutorials in addition to quick write ups for commonly sought inquiries.

Placing a Bet

Please follow the instructions below to place a bet with BetAmerica Horse Racing.

  • Click on the ‘Bet Now’ button in the main navigation
  • Click on the ‘Track’ drop-down to select the track you wish to play
  • After choosing your track, select the desired race in the ‘Race #’ drop-down, right of the track drop-down.
  • This race will appear, with the entrants listed as you scroll down on the page.

BetAmerica Horse Racing track selection

  • Next you will select your bet type
  • Once your bet type is selected, click the red circles on the far right of each horse entry line.
  • After all desired betting interests are selected, click the green ‘Submit Bet’ or to use the bet again, click ‘Save Bet’

BetAmerica Horse Racing bet type

Additional betting tips and program features

BetAmerica Horse Racing Menu Options for your BetAmerica horse racing account can be found by clicking on the top right corner person icon. The resulting menu will display:

  • Account Information
    • Account History
    • Funds and balance
    • Rewards
    • Preferences
    • Tax Documents
    • Sign-in or Sign-out

BetAmerica Horse Racing Funding DepositLeft of the human icon is the oval labeled ‘Balance’ displaying current funds and a deposit funds button.

Clicking on balance will either display your current existing account balance or present deposit options.

Find official race results and replays under the ‘Bet Now’ navigation menu button.

BetAmerica Horse Racing Main Navigation

Official race result example:

BetAmerica Horse Racing official race results

Watch live video of racing with a click on the ‘VIDEO’ button, top right of your screen and along the same bar as the race conditions.

Pro Tip: You can hover over the video viewer and ‘pop-out’ the player of multiple tracks to have multiple video feeds display at one time!

BetAmerica Horse Racing Live Video

Pro Tip Example:

BetAmerica Horse Racing multiple video

To find pari-mutuel wager pools, simply scroll down on your screen.

BetAmerica Horse Racing wager pools

To find probables, including exacta information, continue scrolling down on your screen.

BetAmerica Horse Racing probables

To find key data points for handicapping, such as speed ratings, class ratings, pace and more, please click on each of the varying side-by-side tabs.

BetAmerica Horse Racing ratings

To find Will Pays, please continue scrolling down on the page.

BetAmerica Horse Racing will pays

For BetAmerica Desktop and Mobile Website:

To find past performance documents for download, please look for the ‘PPs’ button along the race conditions line. Clicking on ‘PPs’ will expand the Past Performances store offerings. Users will need to log-in for access to download past performances. Please note, Harness PPs follow a different policy.

Past Performances for BetAmerica

For BetAmerica Mobile Website:

To obtain Past Performances on BetAmerica Horse Racing mobile, click on the desired track, or a race from the desired track. Click on the PPs tab and click ‘Download’ from the pop-up menu.

Past Performances web Past Performances web


Common racing FAQs can be found here.