New Handicapping Pages View: Jockey Stats

BetAmerica's new handicapping pages

BetAmerica is always finding new ways to make the handicapping experience easier for our players.

How do I access the different handicapping views?

Click on the dropdown menu to see the seven levels different details to help you make better betting choices.

What is the Jockey Stats view?

If you like to bet with detailed information on how each jockey has been performing ~ this is the view for you.

How do I use Jockey Stats handicapping view to win?

  • Last 365 All Races is the jockey’s record with all starters the past year
  • Last 365 On Surface is the jockey’s record with starters on the surface the race is carded to run on. Some jockeys are better turf riders and others seem to understand the nuances of dirt racing. This is a good way to see the individual rider’s strengths.
  • Last 365 Surface & Distance is the jockey’s record with in similar conditions to this particular race. This takes a more narrow view than just the surface and allows you to see exactly which jockey fits the conditions best.
  • Last 30 All Races is the jockey’s recent record. All athletes will have streaks and slumps, so this information can be useful to see which jockey is on a hot streak.
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handicapping view