By far, the most well known casino game in the entire world is blackjack. The game is played in a heads-up fashion between player and dealer regardless of whether or not there are other players at the table. This is one of the oldest card game variations, dating all the way back to 15th century in Spain.

The goal of the game is to have cards that equal twenty-one, but you can also win by not allowing your cards to exceed this number as well. If your cards are greater than the value presented by the dealer, then you win. The standard rule for hands of equal value is for a push to be declared, meaning that the original bet is returned. Players can also win if they do not exceed 21 (i.e. “bust”) and the dealer does exceed 21.

Blackjack on BetAmerica

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For new players, there are two rules that they must understand before sitting at a table. The first is the Dealer Soft 17, where the dealer is dealt an ace and a six of any suit. Under Hit-17 or H17 rules, the dealer must take another card. In a Soft-17 or S17 rule, the dealer must stand and can not take any cards.

Each blackjack game will also indicate how many decks are used. Games can use anywhere from one deck to eight decks. It is generally advised that new players begin with single or double deck tables, and then elevate up to four, six or eight deck tables when they have developed a winning strategy or feel more comfortable.

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To get you started we’ve provided you with a great rundown on the rules of the game, tips on how to get started, and strategy advice for novice and intermediate players.

Blackjack Games

  • Pick ’em Blackjack
  • Half Double Blackjack
  • Perfect Blackjack

Blackjack Game Types

Pick ’em Blackjack

2018 AFC roster movesIn the ongoing pursuit of providing casino players with variations of their favorite traditional games, Pick ‘em Blackjack has emerged as one of the newer alternatives that has gained popularity quite fast.

The beauty of pick ‘em blackjack is that the player has the option of playing with four different starting hands, and you can play these at the same time if you like. Players can opt to start with an automatic 17, an automatic 18 or an automatic 19 and also play a regular hand if they choose. With the automatic hands (17, 18 and 19), the player is locked in and receive no additional cards.

The dealer would play his hand out as normal. One of the conditions is that the dealer must build a hand to a minimum of 16, and at 17 he must stand.

Players themselves have a few more restrictions on their automatic hands. They are not allowed to double down after splitting, and they can not double down on blackjack hands. They are also not allowed to re-split. Splitting aces is further limited by allowing just one additional card as opposed to an open ended amount. These restrictions are in place because players already have the advantage of the automatic hands whether or not they choose to use them.

To be clear, players have the option of playing the four different hands all at once or in any combination they like on every round. They can play just the automatic 17, or both the automatic 19 and the open hand or all four. The choice is fully up to the player.

Payouts for Pick ‘em Blackjack are the same though some tables may alter the payouts. Typically it is even money for a iwnning hand, 3-2 for blackjack and 2-1 for insurance.

The house edge is basically the same as in regular black jack, but single deck Pick ‘em blackjack increased the house edge by 0.15 percent. For the most part this is unimportant as the basic house edge is less than 1 percent overall.

General strategy for Pick ‘em Blackjack varies due to player bias, but an overall tip is to use the automatic hands to hedge your open hand. This gives you some flexibility, and also allows you to potentially make bigger wins on the same hand, or cover losses.

Half Double Blackjack

2018 AFC roster movesHalf Double Blacjkack is largely considered a game for more experienced players because it requires an understanding of nuance. That does not mean it thoroughly excludes intermediate or novice players At its core, blackjack is as simple as casino games get. More than anything, players need to understand the betting rules because that is the significant different.

Standard blackjack requires that a dealer peek at his face-down card (i.e. the hole card) if he is showing a 10-card or higher. This is because there is a chance that the dealer may have blackjack, and if he does the hand is over due to the rules of the game. Players can usually opt in for insurance at this point, which pays out 2-1 if they dealer does land a natural blackjack.

In Half Double Blackjack, the dealer does not check his hand and the plays out regularly no matter what. This means that you can double down, split or pursue any of the options that are available to you as normal.

Where the advantage lies is in the automatic insurance that is built in to the game. If the dealer hits blackjack, and a player has doubled their wager, then you get half of your bet back. That’s where the game’s name comes from. You would only lose half of your double bet, as opposed to the whole thing. While it does not provide the same payout as an insurance bet, it does hedge players that double their bet automatically while allowing them a chance to score an even bigger win.

When you compare payouts of insurance to the half-double return in this game, it doesn’t seem to be an intrinsic benefit. But the problem with insurance is that the dealer has to have blackjack for you to win. In this case, you play your hand as you would regularly and if the dealer has blackjack you are covered. That added twist confuses some players who are new to the game, but it boosts interest for veterans who prefer against chasing insurance bets.

All of the other rules of the game are the same. Players can split, re-split, double down and so on. The only element that truly changes is the lack of outright insurance, and the half-wager return on doubled bet if a dealer hits blackjack. All other regular norms apply.

Perfect Blackjack

2018 Dell Technologies Championship PGAOne of the added benefits of exploring online casinos is that some of your favorite traditional games have been expanded upon. Some would consider them improvements, but the variation adds a certain level of excitement to those who would consider themselves veterans. Perfect Blackjack is an alternative version of blackjack developed by online game developer Playtech, and the game itself has become one of the fastest growing, real money table games in terms of popularity.

This game is offered both in standard online platforms and on most mobile devices as well. As with many of the popular blackjack variants, it is offered rarely in land based casinos as well.

Generally speaking, Perfect Blackjack uses six decks and the RTP is 99.58 percent. Blackjack pays 3-2, insurance offers a 2-1 return and players are allowed to split, but are restricted from re-splitting. Beyond this, the rules of the game are fairly standard. The dealer has to draw to at least 16 and stands on all totals of 17 or higher. Everything from a standard ten-card Charlie to a regular dealer bust is in play.

Where the game offers a wrinkle is in the coveted side bet where it rewards pairs. A perfect pair pays out a whopping 25-1, colored pairs are 12 to 1 and red/black pair are 6 to 1. To clarify, a perfect pair is when they are two identical cards. An example is a pair of two 6 of spades, or two 8 of diamonds. This is why the game is played with six decks. Colored pairs refer to pairs formed by cards with different suits but the same color, so diamonds and hearts or spades with clubs. A regular pair, or red/black pair, is the last one and the most frequent combination for the side bet.

The simplicity of Perfect Blackjack is what draws a large crowd. The players simply needs to know what the different pairs are, and play blackjack as normal with the side bet triggered as an option. Quite literally there is little strategy involved. If the player gets the pair combo that offers a payout, he wins that payout. It’s that easy.

Or as some might say, it’s perfectly simple.