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Slots Categories and Category Definitions

While there is an endless array of slot machines at any given casino, they all usually fall in to one of five different categories. These categories are listed below with brief explanations. We have other sections which explain how to play slots, with further expansion on what multipliers, paylines and max bets are.

Three Reel Slots

This is the classic version of slots, with three reels and a single payline across the center. These machines are typically $1 per play, and can have multipliers of 2x ($2.00) or 3x ($3.00). The standard payouts of these machines are generally much higher if you manage to hit a winning combination, but they require an iron stomach and some grinding on occasion.

Multiple Payline Slots

Multi-payline slots can have as few as three paylines and as many as a hundred. This may seem like overkill, but it’s what turns penny slots in to valuable assets for casinos and slot players alike. Players can activate multiple paylines at their discretion and then bet accordingly depending on their tolerance for risk. Generally speaking, it’s advised that players maximize the available paylines at all times and rotate their bet multipliers depending on how a machine is paying out.

Progressive Jackpots

Some slot machines are grouped together under a progressive jackpot banner that advertises a substantial total to players. This is what’s known as progressive jackpots. As the slots are played, a small dividend is paid to the ever-growing jackpot and allows it to grow exponentially. If a lucky player hits the required sequence on a max bet, they win the grand prize and the jackpot itself resets to its base value. Players also win based on the regular play of the machine. The progressive jackpot is best thought of as a side pot bonus.

Video Slots

Operating under the same pretense as multi-payline slots, video slots roared on to the gambling scene in the 1990’s. Bringing a renewed experience using video reels in place of physical reels, players enjoyed a vibrant new offering. Many video slots also have what’s called a “bonus reel” which can be activated if the correct symbols land on an active payline in the regular playing area. These bonuses can trigger bonus games for major prizes, multipliers which can boost your winnings and/or free spins.

3-D Slots

An upgrade to video slots in recent years. 3-D Slots have been a welcome addition in the casino realm for various reasons as the improved animations add to the overall gaming experience of the user. The added bonus of 3-D slots is that they are generally very expensive to license as the cost of production is much higher than a normal machine. This usually means that an online casino or land based casino is working with some good backing , and is a strong indicator that you are playing at a premier location.

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