Bettor’s Remorse: The 5 NFL teams that burned me in Week 2

Is there anything worse than reading a book or watching a movie and getting to the end only to feel like your investment of time, energy and money was a complete waste? Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL season. Filled with punters attempting field goals, all-time greats shanking extra points, fumbles at the one-yard-line, and perfect passes being dropped with the game (and our sanity) hanging in the balance, there was plenty of remorse to go around on another painful Sunday in September.

MLS game of the week: New York Red Bulls at Portland Timbers

The MLS game of the week sends us to the Pacific Northwest, where the Portland Timbers will look to stay above the Western Conference playoff line when they host the New York Red Bulls.

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Jonathan Taylor, Ian Book deserve longshot looks for Heisman

We are finally getting into the meat of the college football regular season, when elite teams and players are given the opportunity to separate themselves. The top six teams in the country are Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State and Oklahoma—and all feature at least one Heisman Trophy contender.

NFL Week 2 Roundtable: The Daniel Jones era is here

Every week we sit down with BetAmerica Extra columnists Ashley Anderson, James Scully and Scott Shapiro to discuss the latest news from around the NFL. This week they weigh in on the Giants' decision to push aside Eli Manning, they celebrate Adrian Peterson's latest accomplishment, and they turn their collective noses up at the floundering Miami Dolphins.

Tuesday MLB preview: Angels at Yankees, Phillies at Braves

The return of Luis Severino for the New York Yankees on Tuesday will mix things up in the American League, while the Braves offer value against the Phillies.

NFL Week 2 Heroes and Villains

Every NFL Sunday there are players who capture and break hearts across America. BetAmerica's weekly Heroes and Villains feature will highlight the players who made and lost money for NFL bettors. Let's take a look at Week 2.

Steelers’ Super Bowl odds take a beating following injury to Big Ben

You're not alone if you went to Google today and typed in "who is the Steelers' backup quarterback?" The question has been on the minds of football fans from coast to coast ever since Ben Roethlisberger exited Pittsburgh's game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon with a non-contact injury.

Three things we learned from NCAAF Week 3

At first glance college football's Week 3 looked uninspiring, but there are always signals in the noise—little breadcrumbs or clues to lead us to strong opinions going forward. Let's see what we learned this past weekend.

Monday MLB betting preview: Nationals at Cardinals, Reds at Cubs

The National League is where our plays land Monday, as the Cardinals host the Nationals and the Reds take on the Cubs.

Can Trubisky and the Bears break through against the Broncos?

Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears came out flat against the Packers during Week 1. Can they right the ship this Sunday against the Broncos? We examine that matchup as well as Kansas City vs. Oakland and New Orleans vs. Los Angeles.