Why bet on sports? Because you’re a fan

Most people are sports fans before they become bettors. They grow up rooting for a team, following a league or playing a sport themselves. The learned knowledge of a team or sport that comes with following offers the hope of financial gain in the form of betting. I grew up rooting for the Packers, so when it was explained to me that I could make money the next time they played the Lions, I was all ears. On college campuses [...]

Trainer Profile – Mark Casse

Most horseplayers know who trainer Mark Casse is. Casse dominated Woodbine Racetrack for years before saddling horses in the United States. While training horses at Woodbine, Casse won an incredible 9 Sovereign Awards, and was Woodbine's leading trainer 12 times. Casse still runs horses at the Canadian track. His U.S. stable, though, is where he's really started to shine. Mark Casse has saddled some of the top runners in the U.S. the past few racing seasons. This year, he's already [...]

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