Image result for mohawk harnessMohawk brings you the BEST in Harness racing. Every Monday in July we are rewarding you with DOUBLE points on every wager placed on the Harness Track. First post is 7:30PM ET.

That’s double your normal wager rewards points on every bet type; and don’t forget with our new improved wager rewards you are now getting a 20% BOOST on exotics and a 10% BOOST on multis.


Terms & Conditions:

All Wager Rewards points (including promos like this one) are awarded as soon as the race is deemed official directly to your BetAmerica account.   Some states are subject to a maximum award rate, and this rate cannot be exceeded even during a promotion such as this one.  Currently states with maximum award rates are California (1%), Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, New York and Washington (all 4%).  To find your personal wager reward rate visit My Account when logged in to