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While some bettors love the fast paced action of team sports, others prefer the calm and soothing tempo of betting on golf online. With a season that fills the void between NFL seasons, and essentially coincides with baseball, PGA Golf offers many intriguing betting opportunities. Some of the most wagered on events include the four “majors” (The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open, and the PGA Championship), and the end-of-season Ryder Cup.

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The Basics of Golf Betting Odds

The basic way to bet on golf tournaments is to bet on the outright winner. The odds are usually presented in either American or fractional odds. An example would be a player to win a tournament at +900 or 9/1, which means you would win $900 on a $100 wager. The same logic would apply to a +1200 or 12/1 option as the wager would pay out $1200 on a $100 bet. Golf odds are usually listed under golf futures on most online sportsbooks.

Most sportsbooks will also golf odds on head-to-head matchups on golf as well, especially in the majors and high profile tournaments. The players in a head-to-head will receive a spread, which is measured in strokes, that applies to that day. An example would be Player A having a -4.5 handicap at -115 against Player B. Player A would have to score at least five strokes better than Player B to win the bet.

Head-to-head odds are available at the majors such as the Masters, U.S. Open, the Open and the PGA Championship as well as the Players Championship and the FedEx Cup. Some sportsbooks will release head-to-head golf odds on lesser tournaments if a significant matchup between two premier players emerges during the final day as well.

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A Simple Golf Betting Strategy

Betting on golf usually requires bettors to sink a few wagers in on their favorites and hope that they cash in. Even the heavy favorites will be listed underdogs, meaning that the steepest odds you’ll see at a PGA event is usually somewhere between +300 to +500. The odds from there can go all the way up to +10000 for the true longshots.

Most will sprinkle some money on two favorites, and one or two outsiders in the +1500 to +2500 range. This usually covers you and gives you a chance to ride the hot hand or key in on a bet featuring a player who has success on a particular course or at a certain event.

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20 Most Popular Golf Terms and Definitions

Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport to bet, and the new sports betting laws to allow legal sports betting in the U.S. will help grow golf betting even more. Daily fantasy golf has helped increase the interest in golf and betting, and having an understanding of golf terminology will assist you when wagering or watching golf.

  1. Ace – hole-in-one, a score of 1 on a hole
  2. All Square – term used in match play scoring to indicate that the match is even at present
  3. Back Nine – the last nine holes (10-18) of an 18 hole golf course
  4. Bent Grass – a very smooth, fine-bladed grass usually used for putting greens
  5. Birdie – a score of 1 under par for a hole
  6. Blind Shot – a shot where the intended landing area is not visible from the players perspective
  7. Bogey – a score of 1 over par for a hole
  8. Break – the curve of a putt or running shot due to the slop of the terrain and gravity
  9. Caddy – someone who carries a players bag of clubs or assists a player with advice
  10. Chip – a shot designed to roll farther than it flies
  11. Divot – a portion of turf that is ripped out of the ground
  12. Eagle – a score of 2 under par for a hole
  13. Fairway – the closely mowed area between the tee and green
  14. Green – putting green or putting surface
  15. Iron – a club with a head made of steel or iron and relatively narrow sole
  16. Par – the standard number of strokes in which a scratch player would be expected to complete a hole or course.
  17. Putt – a shot that is intended to make the ball roll on the ground, using a putter or flat stick on the green or putting surface
  18. Score – the number of strokes taken on a hole or course and kept on a scorecard
  19. Shot – a stroke in golf and its result
  20. Tee – peg, a small usually wooden device for setting the ball up above the ground for the first shot on a hole

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