British Open Betting

The British Open, technically named the Open Championship, is the oldest of the four major golf championship tournaments. Traditionally played in the middle of July, the Open was first played all the way back in 1860 in Scotland. The British Open is always hosted in the U.K., making it the sole major golf championship contested outside of the United States.

Betting on the British Open requires a different mindset than the other majors. One of the biggest differentiators of the British Open is the fact that it is routinely hosted on “links-style” courses like St. Andrew’s and Royal Troon. As Golfweek explains, playing on a links course requires a different approach, and thus may favor a different style of player than the other majors and PGA tournaments:

Generally, the game is played closer to the ground. Since the terrain on a links course is naturally firm, players employ more bump-and-run shots. Putting from close off the green is also encouraged. And keeping your ball flight low helps to lessen the effects the usually brisk coastal winds have on your ball flight.

Bet on the British Open Championship

How to Read British Open Odds

When betting on the Open Championship, you’ll typically find futures odds for several weeks or months leading up to the event, and head-to-head odds in the days leading up to the tournament.


The “futures” section of British Open odds shows the current odds for every potential entrant in the tournament to take home the famous Claret Jug as the winner. As of June 26th (note that current odds have likely changed – check here), below are the top ten favorites to win the 2019 British Open, beginning on July 18th:

According to the odds listed above, 4x major champion and young phenom Brooks Koepka is the top favorite at +600. This means that a bet of $100 on Brooks Koepka to prevail at Royal Portrush Golf Club would pay $600 if successful. By contrast, a bet on English professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood has odds of +2200, meaning a $100 bet would pay $2,200 if successful.


Head-to-head betting odds for the British Open (not yet available at time of publication of this page) will usually feature a pair of golfers, with listed odds on who will perform betting in an individual round, or over the course of the full tournament. Here is an example of what head-to-head bet for a full golf tournament can look like:

In the example below, Rickie Fowler is listed at -120 odds. This means a wager of $120 would pay a $100 win if Fowler ends the tournament with a better overall score than his head-to-head competitor, Hideki Matsuyama.

Matsuyama is listed at -135 odds. That means a bet of $135 would be required to win $100 if his tournament score was better than Fowler’s.

Single round odds in head-to-head matchups appear the same way as tournament head-to-head odds:

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British Open Champions (All-Time)

Below is a complete table showing the winner of the Open Championship, what course the Open was played at, what nation the winner golfer represented, what the winning score was, and what the winning score was against par (if applicable). Note that the British Open was not played in 1871, from 1915 to 1919, or from 1940-1945.

YearChampionCountryCourseLocationTotal ScoreScore to Par
1860Willie Park Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland174n/a
1861Tom Morris Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland163n/a
1862Tom Morris Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland163n/a
1863Willie Park Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland168n/a
1864Tom Morris Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland167n/a
1865Andrew StrathScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland162n/a
1866Willie Park Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland169n/a
1867Tom Morris Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland170n/a
1868Tom Morris Jr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland154n/a
1869Tom Morris Jr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland157n/a
1870Tom Morris Jr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland149n/a
1872Tom Morris Jr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland166n/a
1873Tom KiddScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland179n/a
1874Mungo ParkScotlandMusselburgh LinksMusselburgh, Scotland159n/a
1875Willie Park Sr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland166n/a
1876Bob MartinScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland176n/a
1877Jamie AndersonScotlandMusselburgh LinksMusselburgh, Scotland160n/a
1878Jamie AndersonScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland157n/a
1879Jamie AndersonScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland169n/a
1880Bob FergusonScotlandMusselburgh LinksMusselburgh, Scotland162n/a
1881Bob FergusonScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland170n/a
1882Bob FergusonScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland171n/a
1883Willie FernieScotlandMusselburgh LinksMusselburgh, Scotland159n/a
1884Jack SimpsonScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland160n/a
1885Bob MartinScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland171n/a
1886David BrownScotlandMusselburgh LinksMusselburgh, Scotland157n/a
1887Willie Park Jr.ScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland161n/a
1888Jack BurnsScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland171n/a
1889Willie Park Jr.ScotlandMusselburgh LinksMusselburgh, Scotland155n/a
1890John BallEnglandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland162n/a
1891Hugh KirkaldyScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland166n/a
1892Harold HiltonEnglandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland305n/a
1893William AuchterlonieScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland322n/a
1894John Henry TaylorEnglandRoyal St George'sSandwich, England326n/a
1895John Henry TaylorEnglandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland332n/a
1896Harry VardonJerseyMuirfieldGullane, Scotland316n/a
1897Harold HiltonEnglandRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England314n/a
1898Harry VardonJerseyPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland307n/a
1899Harry VardonJerseyRoyal St George'sSandwich, England310n/a
1900John Henry TaylorEnglandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland309n/a
1901James BraidScotlandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland309n/a
1902Sandy HerdScotlandRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England307n/a
1903Harry VardonJerseyPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland300n/a
1904Jack WhiteScotlandRoyal St George'sSandwich, England296n/a
1905James BraidScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland318n/a
1906James BraidScotlandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland300n/a
1907Arnaud MassyFranceRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England312n/a
1908James BraidScotlandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland291n/a
1909John Henry TaylorEnglandRoyal Cinque PortsDeal, England291n/a
1910James BraidScotlandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland299n/a
1911Harry VardonJerseyRoyal St George'sSandwich, England303n/a
1912Ted RayJerseyMuirfieldGullane, Scotland295n/a
1913John Henry TaylorEnglandRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England304n/a
1914Harry VardonJerseyPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland306n/a
1920George DuncanScotlandRoyal Cinque PortsDeal, England30315
1921Jock HutchisonUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland2968
1922Walter HagenUnited StatesRoyal St George'sSandwich, England30020
1923Arthur HaversEnglandRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland2957
1924Walter HagenUnited StatesRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England30113
1925Jim BarnesEnglandPrestwick Golf ClubPrestwick, Scotland30016
1926Bobby JonesUnited StatesRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England2917
1927Bobby JonesUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland285-3
1928Walter HagenUnited StatesRoyal St George'sSandwich, England29212
1929Walter HagenUnited StatesMuirfieldGullane, Scotland2928
1930Bobby JonesUnited StatesRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England2913
1931Tommy ArmourUnited StatesCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland29612
1932Gene SarazenUnited StatesPrince's Golf ClubSandwich, England283-?5
1933Denny ShuteUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland2924
1934Henry CottonEnglandRoyal St George'sSandwich, England2833
1935Alf PerryEnglandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland283-5
1936Alf PadghamEnglandRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England287-9
1937Henry CottonEnglandCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland2906
1938Reg WhitcombeEnglandRoyal St George'sSandwich, England29515
1939Dick BurtonEnglandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland290-2
1946Sam SneadUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland2902
1947Fred DalyNorthern IrelandRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England2935
1948Henry CottonEnglandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland284E
1949Bobby LockeSouth AfricaRoyal St George'sSandwich, England283-5
1950Bobby LockeSouth AfricaRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland279-9
1951Max FaulknerEnglandRoyal PortrushCounty Antrim, Northern Ireland285-3
1952Bobby LockeSouth AfricaRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England287-1
1953Ben HoganUnited StatesCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland282-6
1954Peter ThomsonAustraliaRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England283-3
1955Peter ThomsonAustraliaSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland281-7
1956Peter ThomsonAustraliaRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England286-2
1957Bobby LockeSouth AfricaSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland279-9
1958Peter ThomsonAustraliaRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England274-10
1959Gary PlayerSouth AfricaMuirfieldGullane, Scotland284E
1960Kel NagleAustraliaSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland278-10
1961Arnold PalmerUnited StatesRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England284-4
1962Arnold PalmerUnited StatesTroonTroon, Scotland276-12
1963Bob CharlesNew ZealandRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England277-7
1964Tony LemaUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland279-9
1965Peter ThomsonAustraliaRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England285-7
1966Jack NicklausUnited StatesMuirfieldGullane, Scotland282-2
1967Roberto De VicenzoArgentinaRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England278-10
1968Gary PlayerSouth AfricaCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland2891
1969Tony JacklinEnglandRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England280-4
1970Jack NicklausUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland283-5
1971Lee TrevinoUnited StatesRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England278-14
1972Lee TrevinoUnited StatesMuirfieldGullane, Scotland278-6
1973Tom WeiskopfUnited StatesRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland276-12
1974Gary PlayerSouth AfricaRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England282-2
1975Tom WatsonUnited StatesCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland279-9
1976Johnny MillerUnited StatesRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England279-9
1977Tom WatsonUnited StatesTurnberrySouth Ayrshire, Scotland268-12
1978Jack NicklausUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland281-7
1979Seve BallesterosSpainRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England283-1
1980Tom WatsonUnited StatesMuirfieldGullane, Scotland271-13
1981Bill RogersUnited StatesRoyal St George'sSandwich, England276-4
1982Tom WatsonUnited StatesRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland284-4
1983Tom WatsonUnited StatesRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England275-9
1984Seve BallesterosSpainSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland276-12
1985Sandy LyleScotlandRoyal St George'sSandwich, England2822
1986Greg NormanAustraliaTurnberrySouth Ayrshire, Scotland280E
1987Nick FaldoEnglandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland279-5
1988Seve BallesterosSpainRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England273-11
1989Mark CalcavecchiaUnited StatesRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland275-13
1990Nick FaldoEnglandSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland270-18
1991Ian Baker-FinchAustraliaRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England272-8
1992Nick FaldoEnglandMuirfieldGullane, Scotland272-12
1993Greg NormanAustraliaRoyal St George'sSandwich, England267-13
1994Nick PriceZimbabweTurnberrySouth Ayrshire, Scotland268-12
1995John DalyUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland282-6
1996Tom LehmanUnited StatesRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England271-13
1997Justin LeonardUnited StatesRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland272-12
1998Mark O'MearaUnited StatesRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England280E
1999Paul LawrieScotlandCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland2906
2000Tiger WoodsUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland269-19
2001David DuvalUnited StatesRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England274-10
2002Ernie ElsSouth AfricaMuirfieldGullane, Scotland278-6
2003Ben CurtisUnited StatesRoyal St George'sSandwich, England283-1
2004Todd HamiltonUnited StatesRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland274-10
2005Tiger WoodsUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland274-14
2006Tiger WoodsUnited StatesRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England270-18
2007Padraig HarringtonIrelandCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland277-7
2008Padraig HarringtonIrelandRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England2833
2009Stewart CinkUnited StatesTurnberrySouth Ayrshire, Scotland278-2
2010Louis OosthuizenSouth AfricaSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland272-16
2011Darren ClarkeNorthern IrelandRoyal St George'sSandwich, England275-5
2012Ernie ElsSouth AfricaRoyal Lytham & St AnnesLytham St Annes, England273-7
2013Phil MickelsonUnited StatesMuirfieldGullane, Scotland281-3
2014Rory McIlroyNorthern IrelandRoyal LiverpoolHoylake, England271-17
2015Zach JohnsonUnited StatesSt AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland273-15
2016Henrik StensonSwedenRoyal TroonTroon, Scotland264-20
2017Jordan SpiethUnited StatesRoyal BirkdaleSouthport, England268-12
2018Francesco MolinariItalyCarnoustieCarnoustie, Scotland276-8