BetAmerica is proud to sponsor this year’s $50,000 BetAmerica World Harness Handicapping Championship taking place on April 29!

As part of our partnership, we are GUARANTEEING the prize pool to be at least $50,000!  If more than 100 players enter, the prize pool will be even higher!

The BetAmerica WHHC is a one-day tournament with an entry fee of $800, of which $300 if part of your live bankroll. Players keep all pari-mutuel winnings. A cocktail reception is held the night before to welcome all players.

BetAmerica will host a total THREE Qualifiers for the BetAmerica WHHC this week!

Look for Qualifiers on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!

Entries are open for all qualifiers now with an entry fee of $35.

Players may also earn a seat in the BetAmerica WHHC through a qualifying event at a partner wagering outlet or through direct buy-in ($800).



*Due to state regulations users located in the following states are restricted from participating in Handicapping Contests: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.