Kentucky Derby Betting Games For A Party

Here’s a list of some fun betting games for your Kentucky Derby Party.

Spin The Bottle Bet Selector

Instead of the usual sweepstake make this year’s version more interesting and do your bit for the environment by recycling that bottle of bourbon whisky (or bottles) you used to create the perfect Mint Julep  All participants sit in a large circle and you spin the bottle, the first person it points at gets first choice of runners; and keep on going until every runner is taken.  Cash games may be illegal so why not give a full bottle of the said bourbon to the winner!

How long will My Old Kentucky Home song drag on for/last?

Let’s be honest it always goes on too long, but to make it more interesting line up a series of bourbon shots and grab a stop watch.  Every time to stopwatch hits 30 seconds everyone has to take a shot.  The bonus in this game is that if it goes on for four minutes you can’t remember the first three minutes.

Odds or Evens for the Clean-Up

The real measurement of how much fun your Kentucky Derby party was is how long it takes to clean up afterwards.  So this is a special game reserved just for the hosting husband and wife.  As the starting gates open for the big race the host wife calls odds or evens.  The winner is determined not by the horse that crosses the line first – but the horse that crosses the line last!  The losing partner better get ready for the big clean-up ALONE.

Betting on the Kentucky Derby should only be performed with legal, safe, regulated and secure online betting sites, like  Please make sure you are breaking no laws when taking part in any betting games on the Kentucky Derby.