2018 World Series Game 2 Preview

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D.S. Williamson

October 24th, 2018

2018 World Series Game 2 Preview

Red Sox fans can’t think of a better start then what they saw on Tuesday night. Dodgers had moments, but Boston got the 8-4 win specifically because of their bench and bullpen. That’s what made it so great. Red Sox got to ace Clayton Kershaw early, and then the Dodgers countered by dinging up Chris Sale. The home team’s relievers out-pitched Los Angeles while Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s pinch hitters sealed the deal on L.A’s relievers.  It’s on to World Series Game 2 where Big Blue hopes sub-2.00 ERA starter Hyun-Jin Ryu can take his awesomeness to Fenway Park. Can Ryu and the Dodgers bounce back, or will Red Sox head to Chavez Ravine already thinking about the coronation?

WORLD SERIES GAME 2 BASEBALL BETTING Los Angeles Dodgers at Boston Red Sox Wednesday, Oct. 25 – Fenway Park – 8:09pm ET Dodgers +130 vs. Red Sox -150

Ryu Must Get Over His Road Woes

Dodgers’ hopes of tying the series mainly rest on whether their South Korean-born superstar pitcher can go more than 5 innings on the road. Dave Roberts is rolling the dice by starting Hyun-Jin Ryu against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway in 2018 World Series Game 2.

No other way to describe it because even though Ryu’s got a 1.97 ERA, his ERA’s demonstrably worse outside of Los Angeles’ pillowed smog. Ryu’s home ERA of 1.15 takes a massive beating up to 3.58 when he must throw outside of L.A.

Red Sox feast on plus 3.00 ERA pitchers. They have all season long. All’s not lost, though. Hyun-Jin has an edge because Boston’s never seen his electrifying four-seam fastball.

If Ryu’s mentally ready, Dodgers have nothing to worry about. Will he be? Big question.

Price Must Scale the Mountain Again

David Price planted a flag on the postseason mountain in his stunning 6-inning performance where he allowed just 3 hits, 0 earned runs, 9 strikeout masterpiece that sent the Astros out of the playoffs. If Price turned the corner with that performance, he could take a helicopter back to the playoff mountain summit.

If the performance was only an anomaly, he’ll fall flat in a huge moment. Price must get his 93 mph sinker going early. If he does, he can employ his cutter and four-seam fastball to keep Dodger hitters off balance.

When he’s got his best stuff, Price is one of the top starters in MLB. Whether he brings that heat to the 2018 World Series Game 2 summit is the big question mark.

Cora Can Go to the Secret Weapon

One thing’s apparent in this year’s World Series, Alex Cora’s got a secret weapon from the bullpen. Joe Kelly rips a 100 mph four-seam fastball that most hitters can't keep up with.

In Game 1, Kelly struck out 2 batters in a full inning. He’s devastating, which means at any point in a game, Cora can go to Kelly to bail out the Red Sox if the pitcher before got Boston into trouble.

Stopping any Dodgers’ rallies gives Cora a huge advantage in the manager matchup.

2018 World Series Game 2 Breakdown

It takes a lot for pitchers to shake negative thoughts. They build giant walls in their heads that are impossible to tear down. Price tore his down in the Game 5 performance against the Astros.

Ryu hasn’t managed to rip his own walls down just yet. In my write-up yesterday, I questioned Roberts’ intention to start Hyun-Jin Ryu in Game 2. You’ve got a pitcher who hasn’t shown his best stuff on the road this season and you’re throwing him against a 108 win team in the World Series?

I can’t back that. Red Sox win Game 2.

World Series Game 2 Baseball Betting Free Pick: Boston Red Sox -150