American League MVP Race Loaded with Leaders

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September 23rd, 2018

American League MVP Race Loaded with Leaders

The American League has the strongest teams this season, and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) race is loaded with top quality players as well. Multiple players performing at a very high level, and seven players posting a WAR of 7.0 or higher.

Boston (104-49) is setting records and just clinched the AL East on their biggest rivals home field in beating the NY Yankees 11-6. The Bronx bombers have 93 wins, the third most in major league baseball, and are still holding off the A’s for hosting the 1-game wild card playoff game.

The Red Sox also feature two leading MVP candidates, OF Mookie Betts and OF/DH J.D. Martinez. Betts is the favorite to win the award, but many consider Martinez the Red Sox team MVP, as he makes his teammates better and is like another hitting coach on the staff while piling up huge offensive numbers himself. .

Just two weekends remaining in the regular season, and here are the contenders and odds to win the American League MVP award.

Odds on Sept. 20 at Bovada

-240 Mookie Betts (Boston)

+375 Mike Trout (LAA)

+450 J.D. Martinez (BOS)

+500 Alex Bregman (HOU)

+600 Jose Ramirez
      Player OPS Home Runs RBIs Batting Average WAR SO/BB
Mookie Betts 1.042 (2nd) 29 (12th) 72 (T-33rd) .334 (1st) 10.0 (1st) 85/78
J.D. Martinez 1.032 (3rd) 41 (2nd) 123 (1st) .331 (2nd) 6.1 (7th) 140/63
Mike Trout 1.088 (1st) 35 (T-6th) 71 (35th) .317 (3rd) 9.6 (2nd) 117/115
Alex Bregman .937 (5th) 30 (T-10th) 100 (4th) .281 (14th) 6.7 (6th) 77/91
Jose Ramirez .968 (4th) 38 (3rd) 101 (3rd) .280 (23rd) 7.8 (4th) 73/98

Here's that WAR leaderboard, via Baseball-Reference.com:

Betts: 9.8 Trout: 9.0 Chapman: 8.0 Ramirez: 7.5 Lindor: 7.1 Bregman: 7.0 Andrelton Simmons: 5.8 Martinez: 5.7

Only four leagues have ever had at least seven position players reach 7.0 WAR in a single season – 2011 American League (8), 2004 National League (7), 1998 National League (7) and 1996 National League (7).

The top talent and players performances in the American League is superb for the players pushing for the MVP award. That’s quite a contrast to the National League, which will have one of the weakest MVP award winners in decades.

Looks like you can bet on Betts to win as the MVP favorite, but Martinez is money and a monster in the middle of the Red Sox loaded lineup.