Top 5 quarterbacks in NFL history

Profile Picture: Annie Moore

April 15th, 2020

Debates about the greatest quarterbacks of all-time have been raging for decades.

The most important position on the field can make or break a championship team, and those who are included in this list have revolutionized their franchises and the game.

Here are the top five quarterbacks of all-time.

5. John Elway

Elway is the only quarterback in NFL history to score a rushing touchdown in four Super Bowls. He won two of those and was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXIII.

His career passer rating of 79.9 isn’t nearly as high as others later in this list, but he was clutch, and his 51,475 passing yards and 300 touchdowns in 16 years make him a part of any great-quarterback conversation.

4. Johnny Unitas

The University of Louisville grad was a football legend before some on this list were born.

He was a 10-time Pro Bowler, three-time MVP, and was named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team.

He won three NFL championships and Super Bowl V with the Baltimore Colts.

3. Peyton Manning

Manning's work ethic, mental ability, and pure ability led to nearly 72,000 passing yards and a 96.5 passer rating.

The years Manning and Tom Brady dueled were a thrill to watch. And when it comes to G.O.A.T. talk, Manning’s former coach, Tony Dungy, isn’t so quick to tip the cap to Brady.

2. Joe Montana

"The Comeback Kid" was considered the greatest quarterback for a multiple decades decades. His cool head under pressure led San Francisco to four Super Bowl rings, and earned him three-time Super Bowl MVPs.

During the 1988 and 1989 playoff runs, he threw 19 touchdowns and just one interception and led the 49ers to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. The second (a 55-10 victory over the Broncos) is the most lopsided win in Super Bowl history.

1. Tom Brady

Even those who’ve been repulsed by the Patriots dynasty can’t dispute the greatness of "Tom Terrific."

Who knows what his stint in “Tompa Bay” will do to his overall legacy, but the numbers we know make him the greatest.

He has racked up more than 61,000 yards and 456 touchdowns, to go along with a 97.2 passer rating. Six Super Bowl rings, four Super Bowl MVPs, and three regular-season MVPs don't hurt, either.