BetAmerica 100% Deposit Bonus for Racing

We’re so confident you will love what we do at BetAmerica that we’re offering to match your First Deposit, up to a $100 Bonus.

There are no Promo Codes needed to claim this offer. Open an account (it takes less than one minute), make your first deposit and we’ll add your bonus immediately.  You turn your bonus funds into cash at a rapid rate every time you make any bet, on any track and for any amount.

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Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion applies to new accounts who made their first deposit on or after July 18, 2017 at 2:30pm PT, and runs until further notice.
  • The date of the opening of an account does not affect this promotion, only the first deposit date.
  • This promotion is available to all new BetAmerica players who do not have an existing account at BetAmerica (“Qualifying Players”), and have not held an account in the past which has been closed or suspended, for any reason.
  • Players will only be entitled to receive one 100% deposit match bonus, based on their first deposit only; subsequent deposits, even if below the total maximum limit do not qualify for the 100% bonus. Please ensure your first deposit is at least $100 if you wish to claim the maximum bonus amount of $100.
  • Immediately after processing your initial deposit, you will see a value of 100% of your initial deposit appear in your Pending Bonus balance.
  • Your pending bonus balance will be released into your Cash Balance at a rate of 10% of the value of each racing bet placed, or every paid contest entered on BetAmerica Sports/Games.
  • If the full pending balance is not released within 30 days of the initial award then the pending bonus is forfeited and the pending balance will return to zero.
  • Refunded bets (typically due to scratches on racing or unfilled contests in BetAmerica Sports and Games) do not release any of the pending bonus into your cash balance.