There is no limit on how many friends you invite to enjoy horse racing, greyhound racing and daily handicapping contests at BetAmerica!


Log in to your BetAmerica account, click Promotions, then Refer-A-Friend.


Type in your friend(s) email address and add a personalized message if you’d like. Click SEND and they will get info on how they can receive a 100% match on their first deposit, up to a $100 bonus!


You receive $50 each time a friend:
✓ Completes sign up
✓ and deposits a minimum of $50 within 30 days
and bets or plays at least $100 within 60 days

Terms & Conditions

A. For purposes of the Refer-A-Friend Reward Plan (the “RAF Plan”), the registered user at this website who desires to refer friends to this website is referred to as the “Current User”. The person who is referred by a Current User is referred to as the “Referred User”. A Current User cannot refer themselves, their family, household members, or any individuals residing at the same address, to join as a Referred User – this applies to any new accounts you may set up for yourself or on your behalf.

B. To qualify for the ‘Refer-A-Friend’ Reward Plan (the “RAF Plan”), the Current User must be a registered user of this website with an Active status. Active status means that the user’s identity and age have been authenticated, that they have made a deposit to their wagering account at this website, they have wagered a minimum of $1500, and that no deposits have been returned as uncollected.

C. If you are the Current User, you will be paid $50 reward dollars based on every friend you refer to provided, (1) they register through your referral page at this website, designated as /pp/

[your user name], (2) their age and identity are authenticated, (3) they make a deposit to their wagering account at this website, (4) they make at least $50 in racing wagers within their first 30 days of joining this website, and, wager at least $100 dollars within the first 60 days. (5) they have no deposits which have been returned as uncollected. The number of $50 reward dollars paid to the Current User may vary depending on a number of factors including, a promotions running at a given time.

D. The Referred User must be a new user to this website, not having previously registered any account at this website. The Referred User must register their account at the Current User’s personal referral page at this website, located at /pp/[Username of Current User]. No RAF Plan reward payments will be made if the Referred User does not first submit their registration for this website at this personal referral page.

E. There is no limit to the number of friends a Current User can refer. All Referred Users must be people the current user actually knows, spamming or other mass marketing of the Refer-A-Friend program at this website will not be tolerated and will result in the Current User’s disqualification from the RAF Plan, will result in no payment being made to the Current User under the RAF Plan, and may result in the closure of the Current User’s wagering account at this website.

F. All RAF Plan rewards are made in the form of credits to the Current User’s wagering account at this website.. RAF Plan rewards will be credited to the Current User’s wagering account at this website within the first five days of each month.

G. By agreeing to participate in the RAF Plan, the Current User and the Referred User agree to data regarding the Referred User’s level of wagering at this website being disclosed to the Current User as we deem appropriate, for the purpose of the RAF Plan only. Current Users must notify any Referred Users that data may be shared in this way before referral.

H. This website reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to exclude any Current User from the RAF Plan and from this website if it believes you have tried to benefit from the RAF Plan by using more than one username or are otherwise engaged in fraudulent or other activities that indicate that referrals are not made in good faith but for the purpose of abusing the terms and/or spirit of the RAF Plan. In such instance, Current Users shall not be entitled to participate in the RAF Plan and this website shall not be obliged to provide a reason to you for such exclusion.

I. This website may at any time suspend, discontinue, modify or void the RAF Plan for any reason that, in its absolute discretion, thinks appropriate and any liability from this website to a Current User shall immediately cease upon a Current User being informed of this action, or if this action is posted on this website. In respect of any dispute, howsoever arising, this website’s decision will be final. The RAF Plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

J. This promotion/offer is not available to BetAmerica affiliates or any other promotional/advertising partner of