Australian harness racing: Redcliffe picks

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

July 29th, 2020

Wednesday night, July 29, is Thursday afternoon, July 30, in Australia, and Queensland will host harness racing again from Redcliffe at 11:07 p.m. ET.

The battle for the best odds offered continues with the analysis below.

Race 1

Rated well by punters last time out at Redcliffe, #5 Melton Lucky will look for a better trip to please backers with a win. He was stuck in the death seat along the way and paid for it last time.

Lacey Hinze’s #4 Wecanonlyhope put in a clunker recently but can return for a piece of the action.

Race 2

Darren Weeks will send out #7 Scotch En Ice, who has rightfully been among the favored in his early career. His first trip at Redcliffe could still offer worthy rewards and may start a win skein for him.

The Dixon boys put #3 Don Heston in this Queensland neighborhood for the first time, and he'll try to win for the third time. He should be in the mix early, and with a smooth trip, could be a part of exotic concoctions.

Race 3

There seems little comparison between #7 Dapper Bessie and her foes here. She is a good earner for Weeks and starting in the second row, inside, should be a great spot for her to earn more, if not the bulk of this contest’s purse.

Racing better than her odds most times, #1 Bronski Macarena was recently liked best at Redcliffe, where she was wide and charged late.

Race 4

#9 Mucho Guapa is a strong contender for Vicki Rasmussen, though her odds may not reflect it. That’s a good thing, because if she races her best, she will be the best here.

Last time at Redcliffe, #7 Onyajans was fancied. Hopefully she will be ignored this time and race productively, as has been her routine.

Race 5

Graeme Harris brings #1 Boulder City back to where he was supported best. As a top choice, he had equipment trouble and a gritty trip that got the notice of the judges. He looks superior to this group.

Quite the check collector for Warren Hinze, #5 Cobbler Lane never reads the toteboard for his chances.

Race 6

Once in a while, you have to ignore some elements, for the sake of how good a horse may be overcoming adversity. Such is the case for #8 Moonlight Butcher. He has been racing well enough, with some rough spots, to suppose he could win.

Played with confidence by the crowd recently, #2 Go Anne Go is in a great spot to be a part of the top finishers.

Race 7

Stephanie Graham has brought #4 Tinka Terror back to Redcliffe, after a wild shot at Albion, where punters did not believe for a moment she would survive.

Meanwhile, back at the Redcliffe ranch, she was a favorite and performed like a circus act to get the lead, which caused a fine for her driver. Under wraps, she should score easily here.

A wide ride took some of the steam out of #5 Somehowsomeway last time. A better trip may get her to race some how better this time.

Race 8

Let’s get on the team for #1 Burmach, who returns from a very wide, courageous attempt as a well-fancied contender for Ron Sallis. should be more productive here.

Bill Crosby’s #1 Slippery Jade was doomed in the death seat at Albion and still won. She failed such an attempt at Redcliffe but has the class to overcome it with some racing luck.