Being Dynamic

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Barry Spears

August 31st, 2016

Playing the races sometimes can be characterized as a marathon and not a sprint. Your results over an extended period of time can, and will, determine your success wagering on horses. Having certain methods and/or strategies that produce results are often repeated by successful horseplayers. With that being said, playing in contests, in comparison, differs greatly from wagering horses on a day to day basis.

Horseplayers that play the races daily, weekly and even monthly, typically, would hone in on certain types of races, horses, trainers, jockeys or pretty much anything they have had success with in the past. By nature human beings and horseplayers are creatures of habit. They go back to the same “well” over and over again to get the same types of results out of it. Honestly, if that particular angle or type of race produces great results what would be the incentive to change anything? This is the point where there is a divide between the contest player and the day to day horseplayer.

When contest players get into a “routine” it may in fact become routine. Picking the same types of horses in certain types of races may get you some success but over time it will prove to be an exercise in futility. Meanwhile, day to day horseplayers have the luxury of sitting and waiting for the right horse to play under the perfect or near perfect circumstances. Contest players do not have the luxury to sit and wait for the optimal circumstances to come about based on contest rules and other factors which may include where you sit on the leaderboard.

The ability to be dynamic as a tournament player can be a key to successful tournament play. Thinking “outside of the box” in tournaments tends to bring rewards. Being the only player or one of a few to pick a given winner will most certainly move you up the leaderboard. Using the basic fundamentals of handicapping (Class, Speed, Pace, Form, etc...) and incorporating other tournament nuances can be the difference between winning and losing. Using techniques to expand your selection process to find higher priced winners, recognizing the difference between keeping with certain types of horses and contest strategy and even using physicality analysis to help you land on winners. These are just a few useful accompaniments to your handicapping that can help you be dynamic, separate yourself from the pack and help you to stay atop the leaderboard.