Going Racing North of the Border

Profile Picture: Jason Beem

Jason Beem

May 30th, 2017

This Memorial Day weekend I took the opportunity to head up for a day of racing at Hastings Race Course. It's a beautiful little track located on the east side of Vancouver, British Columbia. With a river just beyond the backstretch and the still snow-covered mountains as a back drop, it's an amazing place to take in the races.

I took some video of the day and when I posted some of the pictures someone told me "You can't tell on TV just how beautiful that track is." It's very true. Often all we see of racetracks is part of the paddock and the track itself. But as we all know, there's always much more to the on track experience.

I talked about the trip on Tuesday's BARN episode and can't wait to get back up to Hastings later this summer.

Here's the video of the trip from Sunday.