IronHound Stake Round 2 Tonight!

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Kelly Clark

March 20th, 2017

The 330 leg of the IronHound Stakes will take place tonight, Monday March 20th, at bestbet Jacksonville. Loads of unknows here as no one in this ground has run over this distance before. Most of the greyhound are 660 and 770 greyhounds, so breaking is not their forte. So, I will try and do my best to get you cashing some tickets tonight, but in this case, you just never know what could happen.

Round 2 of Ironhound Stakes

Monday evening March 20th, 2017

Race 4 – Like I said above, WIDE OPEN RACE! You have to pick someone, so I go with the greyhound that is running well, and breaks well from this starting box. Granted it was over 770, but still knows how to hit the lid from this box. Ww Blair won round 1 over 660 and could see the lead again from this box tonight. Speaking of early speed, Boc’s Queen Lady rushed hard to seize the lead in round 1 and held it all the way to the deep stretch. Maybe the best breaker here, and one of only two greyhound with 550 lines showing, I think she will be in the mix as well. Dutch Reagan falls in the first category was a greyhound that breaks well from this box. Roughed up in round 1, he will need to rebound in this effort to have a chance at the finals. Posted well tonight, he too will have a chance to win. Showing early speed last time out, Sheezsohot, can run any distance and tonight she will get a chance to prove it over 330 yards. Posted well inside, the other greyhound with the 550 lines showing, will get a chance to do what she did in round 1 again here, break well! If she can steal the front end, they all could be chasing her all the way to the wire. (8-6-3-2)

Race 13 – Another wide-open affair and more questions that you can answer. So, let’s take the best early speeder going in this effort. Boc’s Free Bee can come out in a hurry over 660, let’s see if she can get it done over 330 as well. She can rush with the best of them, but will it be enough to hold to the wire and win. In round 1 she led to the first turn, that will be enough to win this race. Pat C Hartie gets a look as well, and despite the slow start at 770 last time, he has been coming out well over 660 recently, especially from the rail to inside post position. Here we hope he channels his inner breaker and finds a way into the mix early, and stays there for the duration. Herstal might just have more 770 starts than anyone in this competition, and remember she has a track record starting from this box. She can break over 770, she hasn’t in a while, but she can and once in front, no one is going to pass her. The 8 box helps her stay away from the crowd and she might just need those points after running last in round 1. Now for the closing section of our program. I know Trackinfo Rich is not a breaker, I know the race is short, I know he should be nowhere in my selections, but he did win in round 1 and might just have some mojo on his side. The rest are all closers, so why not the best runner closer to outclose the rest over 330?? Why not, you never know! (3-2-8-6)

Round 3, or the semi-finals, of the stakes takes place over the 550-yard course and will run on Saturday evening March 25th at bestbet Jacksonville. The top 8 greyhounds in points after that event will move on to the finals, a 770-yard race, on Saturday evening April 1st. The race will be run in conjunction with yet another fantastic promotion on APRIL FOOLS DAY! Don’t miss out!