2015 Palm Beach Labor Day Puppy Stakes Final Preview

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Jason Michael

September 7th, 2015

Welcome to the Final of the $20,000 Labor Day Puppy Stakes! After four rounds of Tournament action, the best 8 puppies in South FLA are ready to rumble on this holiday weekend. This is one of the more wide open Finals you will see, with many possibilities across the board for who could win.

Here are the finalists and the chances I believe they have to become a championship greyhound this afternoon at “The Beach.”

#1 USS Chibs ~ Douglas Kennel (4-1 Odds)

Draws the pole position 1 box, which he won from 2 races back. Sits in a tough spot next to neighbor Par Snipe, but has a chance at the Title here. If he can somehow get the lead early, this race will be his.

#2 BF Par Snipe ~ Agganis Kennel (2-1 Odds)

Possesses the most lethal rush of the Finalists, which may be enough to win this thing. This hound loves running on the rail. One of the top prospects in the all of Florida without a doubt and could become legendary with a win here today.

#3 Par Five Hour ~ Rader Racing (7-1 odds)

One of 4 Rader Racing Finalists. Pulled the stunning Semi-Final win last time out and will get a price at Post Time. Can she pull another upset when all the chips are on the table?

#4 CrossFit Chris ~ Brindle Kennel (8-1 Odds)

If this guy could catch a clean break without interference, he’d be a dangerous pick here. The best closer of any of these greyhounds and could shock the world with a victory in the Title Round.

#5 Cbj BabyFace ~ Royal Racing (4-1 Odds)

Has a good chance of winning this race, but has an exceptional chance of hitting the ticket (94% board rate this season)

#6 Oaks Maddy ~ Rader Racing (2-1 Odds)

This was the early favorite by many observers before the Tourney started because of the blistering start to her racing career. Maddy has only won just one of the Quaifying Round races and missed the ticket entirely in half of them. The fastest greyhound in this Field (29.24 secs) only needs to put it all together today to bring home 20K for her Team.

#7 Mohican IceStorm ~ Rader Racing (6-1 Odds)

The surprise Rader finalist of the group, but has run consistently well throughout the entire Tournament. Would surprise for the win but has only missed the Superfecta once in her entire career.

#8 PJ St. Pierre ~ Rader Racing (8-5 Odds)

He’s will go off as the favorite and he should be. Undefeated from the outside boxes in his career, he is sitting in a perfect box for his closing mid track running style. Rader Racing will be looking for their 6th Labor Day Stakes Title in the past 19 years. Impressive.

*Par Snipe*

Picks: (2-8-1-7)

The best rush I believe win this race and BF Par Snipe has the top fire out of the box of them all. Trainer Billy Bob Dawson & the Agganis Team celebrate tonight.

Heard on The Backstretch Show last Friday night, here are some other picks for Monday’s Showdown from the Panel:

Track Announcer Mike Jameson

“I’m taking Oaks Maddy on top. 2nd place is going to be one of the early speedsters. I think Maddy might actually have to run down Snipe to win this race.”

Picks 6-2-8-4

Backstretch Host Mike Balsamo

PJ St Pierre is my pick here. Something about that greyhound I like and is my pick on top.

Enjoy the Puppy Stakes Final everyone!