Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 8/28/2016

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Jason Michael

August 29th, 2016

The Labor Day Puppy Stakes Final is almost upon us, the Moose can't stop getting loose and a superstar hangs up his racing jersey to retire from the sport.  Busy week at the Palm Beach Kennel Club...lets gets into it!

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Labor Day Puppy Stakes Tourney

After the QuarterFinals of the 20K madness completed on Wednesday, we now have 16 Semifinalists that will compete on Monday for one of the 8 coveted spots in the Labor Day Final.  Here is the updated point standings after three rounds of competition:

Big Red Dog - 36 pts

Whirlin Toodlelu - 35 pts                                           

Quick Reserve - 31 pts

Barts Magic Mike - 29 pts                                          

Atascocita Lloyd - 26 pts                                             

Atascocita Kurly - 24 pts

CRT Nina - 24 pts                                                         

Make Me Like You - 22 pts        

Palm City Rosco - 22 pts

Turbo Wishing - 22 pts

Palm City Roxie - 22 pts

Windy City Milo - 20 pts

Sb's Token - 20 pts        

BartsHelloImLate - 20 pts

CRT Nadia - 20 pts     

Dangerous Bullet - 20 pts          

As you can see the top point earners Big Red Dog (pictured) Toodlelu and Quick Reserve are all sitting pretty if they are able to run solid Monday.  Everybody else is in a must run well situation with how close this chase is.  Tune in Monday for the semis in Race 12 & 14 and check our social media feeds to see who the Final 8 are!

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Sentinel Hangs Them Up

After a career that saw him make the Spring Puppy Stakes Final, take home the Memorial Day and Firecracker 545 titles and receiving our #1 ranking last month, owners of Sentinel from Ryan Racing have decided to retire the sensational one.  Going out like Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt on top of their game, Sentinel was just fantastic in his young career at "The Beach."  Good luck to "Rio" in his retirement!

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Moose Just Cant Stop Winning

The phenom that is young rookie GV MooseIsLoose continues to amaze this season.  The pride of the Douglas Kennel ripped off his 9th win in 10 starts in Friday's Matinee finale doing what he does best by rocketing out of the starting box and coasting home to victory lane.

Moose now sports the highest winning percentage of any racer in the country (90%)  and clearly has the eyes of the country squarely on him.  You know the boys of United Greyhound Racing will be pushing "The Moose" farther up in their National Poll with how much success this racer is having.  South Florida just can't get enough of the Moooooooooooose.

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Top Names Revealed

First revealed on the BARN Show with Jason Beem earlier in the month that we were doing our Top 10 greyhound racing names list at Palm Beach, the rankings came out this week.  MooseIsLoose was the overwhelming top hound, but names like Pop A Squat, WiggleIt ALilBit, & KicknKahunas (pictured) also graced our Top 10.  Look for Jason & I to discuss this more on Tuesday's BARN.  Here's the Top 10 if you missed it:


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360 Degree Camera Debuts

After months of waiting for the newest technology at the track to come out and play, the new 360 degree camera at Palm Beach finally debuted this past Wednesday on Youtube.  The video is clearly something people haven't seen in a greyhound race before as the camera is perched right next to the press box.

What fans have to realize is this one video is not the full capabilities of what the 360 degree camera will offer.  Once the track lets this technology fully loose, you should see some pretty sweet shots of the athletes and the beautiful surface they fly on.

Here's the video with the new camera.  What do you think?

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Game of Kennels

After being first reported a few weeks ago by yours truly, it finally happened.

The Lester Raines Kennel debuted at Palm Beach in Friday's Matinee, bringing with it plenty of anticipation & excitement.  The top kennel at Southland last season and a greyhound racing king for more then two decades, Raines will hope to bring the type of success down to West Palm.

As for now, Raines team mostly is made up of racers that used to run for the now closed Blu Too Kennel, but expect more athletes and talent to arrive as the season goes along.  Can his team achieve instant success at Palm Beach?

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On Track Adoption Event A Huge Success

Anybody that has ever done business or been around the Palm Beach Kennel Club for any amount of time knows that the company does extraordinary work for local charities and investing in the welfare of greyhounds from birth to retirement.

The annual On Track For Greyhound Adoption happened on Sunday, with fans, owners and greyhound advocates walking together around the track to promote adoption for these loving animals.  All proceeds went to local adoption groups and once again proves that Palm Beach is the leaders and best not only with promotion of their athletes while they are racing, but making sure they are well cared for long after they have stopped chasing Rusty the Lure.

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Top 10 Coming This Week!

Our Top 10 Rankings will be out later in the week for August.  I'll save the drama and let you know that "The Moose" will be on top, but where will every other top hound land?  Results will be posted on our social media feeds coming shortly.

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That's all we have for this week.  See you next time for the Wrap Up!