Playing Contests On Big Racing Days

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Barry Spears

September 27th, 2016

As handicapping contests become more and more a part of the landscape of the racing world you will see that contests on big racing days will become more common and also more lucrative than ever. With the Breeders' Cup on the horizon I felt it was only appropriate to broach the subject. I will have to be completely honest with you in regard to contests on big racing days. I actually do not like them as much as I do the day to day variety of games. However, even I will have to adapt to the changing times because the contests on these big racing days usually are for higher stakes and are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

What is a Big Racing Day

What I would qualify as a big racing day for a handicapping contest is the same as it would be for an everyday bettor
bcclassic_muchomachoman539 all the way to the proverbial weekend warrior. It essentially is one of a handful racing days a year that can be and, more often, is a focus of the racing world and bettors on that particular day. Examples of these days include Kentucky Derby day, Preakness Stakes day, Belmont Stakes day and, of course, Breeders' Cup day. These days are usually marked on the calendar of every horse player and now are becoming the same for contest players alike.

Playing In Big Race Day Contests

What you will tend to see on these big racing days are a lot of graded and ungraded stakes races with high quality horses doing battle throughout the day. From dirt sprints to long distance marathons on the turf you get the ultimate test of your handicapping ability. With the high quality of racing that comes with these kinds of days, the fields are filled with really consistent horses. When you have consistent horses running against one another you will see, in a lot of cases, results that are truer to form. Now I am not saying you will always see a string of prohibitive favorites but usually there are not many "surprises" as far as the results go. Just as in any daily handicapping contests, the sequence will offer some opportunities for some higher priced horses to help you rise to the top of the leaderboard. With fewer opportunities for during the contest sequence it is imperative that you really focus on the races that you feel will have a higher chance of being chaotic and have a better possibility of yielding a higher priced horse.

This is just an introduction and a few thoughts about playing contests on a big racing day. Just like in all aspects of racing there are no absolutes. You must continue to adapt, change and possibly spot trends. Great preparation and analysis remain to be keys to success in contests and even more so on big racing days. Pinpointing the races with a high chaos factor, selecting the right horse, and staying true to your strategy will keep you in contention and provide an opportunity to win. Putting yourself in a position to win on a big racing day is where you want to be. There will be no shortage of  competition gunning for the top spot as you are. Stay strong and see you on the battlefield at BetAmerica !