Pompano Monday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

January 28th, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017


RACE ONE (DOUBLE - 5-3, 5-5 / PICK-5 - 5 w 3,5 w 5 w 7 w 2,5)

5-MY REVENUER...did not have the easiest of journeys in last going first up last lap. Still in the peak of form.

2-RAMZAN...forgiving last. Lightly raced 8 year-old has quite a late kick when on his game. Must go 1st over.

4-SHE’S ALL IN...mare cut the mustard against same class in last but 30 mph winds in lane took toll late.

RACE TWO       

3-FEELIN LILLY...been all over the map class-wise. Showed gate speed in last before yielding. Amiable spot.

5-SPORTS FIRST LADY...been trying hard last couple of starts. Liked :27.3 backside pace in last. Can upset.

6-FONZIE...an “OH-FER” all the way around (16-0-0-0) but has shown some spunk on occasion. “Makes” tkt.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 5 w 7 w 2,5 w 1,6 w 1,7 w 7)

5-LUKAS HALL...pulled turn two in last & tried backside move but panel too stiff to dent much. Still, good hint.

7-SOOO HANDSOME...lolly-gagged way back early but started picken’ ‘em up backside with sustained drive.

1-REVRAC HARBOUR...was used hard early in last then sat chilly & got shuffled. Rail keeps cozily close here.


7-TOWNLINE MAMMA...needed lasts couple starts to tighten up & did show good pace on backside. Hinting.

1-RACER X...forget last. Prior  was sharp in an easy win. Probably on the engine from the rail. Prominent here.

4-STRIKER ACE...likes to be in the thick of things. Compares favorably in here to hit the board. On the engine.

5-SAINT PATTY’S DOLL...classy mare down to lower condition class. Has the credentials to turn clock back.

3-TOTAL FREEDOM...showed sharp trot on backside (:28.1) and held on OK in the lane. Can really sprint late.

RACE FIVE (PICK-4 - 2,5 w 1,6 w 1,4 w 4,7)

2-LILYS REAL BOY...doesn’t get much respect on the board but has shown he can compete with these “8’s.”

5-ORATOR...not much on paper these days but can still turn on the afterburners in the lane. Drew well here.

7-ALWAYS A TIGER...in new hands for this after showing good pace final 3/8s. Looks like a “rosie” situation.

RACE SIX        

6-SAKIMA...lost composure in the lane in last. Prior showed sustained brush forward middle 3/8s of mile.

1-HOOSIER HAWK...drew well and compares nicely with this group. Could be making a quarter move here.

8-MOON DANCE...will be on the choo-choo train from the outside post to join the fray early. Best on paper.

RACE  SEVEN (DOUBLE - 1-7, 4-7)

1-GERONIMO FAME...went up in the air leaving in last. Facing easiest task in quite a while & drew very well.

4-POCKET TRIP...been involved in some serious confrontations recently & finds a very appetizing situation.

6-WITHOUT ME AS...probably on the engine here with more class relief. Was very hot property 6 weeks ago.

RACE EIGHT (SUPER HI-5 - 7 w 4 w 1,2,3,5 ALL THE WAY)

7-PEENIE...warrior in a bit easier this time. Liked backside pace in last (:27.2) but traffic too heavy to dent.

4-JAMAICAN COWBOY...moves up a notch but does well in the “8” to “10” class. Can rattle cages in the lane.

2-PLAYBOOK...wired field of “8’s” two starts back, got caught late against “8” in huge effort. Will cut mustard.

1-McMARVEL...liked that first up backside brush in last (:27.1). Drew well & will remain close throughout.

5-B EVAS LUCKY LAD...VERY hot property lately and form is sharp coming in. Will be gnawing away in lane.


Written by John Berry