Pompano Monday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

April 10th, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE -  3-3, 3-5, 3-7, 5-3, 5-5, 5-7        PICK-5 -   3,5 w 5,7 w 2,5,10 w 8 w 6,7)

3-LADY MACHBETH...winless after 2 years but gave hint last after falling victim to 1:00 opener. Can rock late.

5-ZERO STRESS HILARY...tried different strategy in last and it almost worked...almost. Likes this class a lot!

4-TROTTIME DIAMONDS...could be on engine here. Compares well with competition here & could threaten.

RACE TWO                                              

7-BOLI...form sharp. Could be on prowl early trying to land spot mid-pack. Has done some amazing things.

5-SOOO HANDSOME...been sharp as a tack last few and probably on the engine from coveted post. Threatens.

3-TATER TWISTER...has improved greatly last couple of outings. Also another on the choo-choo trains in here.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -    2,5,10 w 8 w 6,7 w 2 w 1 w 1,2,7)  

10-CHARMBRO CURIOSITY...second tier post here, yes, and a lot depends on rail horse leaving. Dips in here.

2-WHATA BIZNESS...pulled 5/16s out and showed strong pace in the lane, especially late. Is hinting again.

5-TEAM CAPTAIN...need prior starts to tighten up after 2 months off. Does have some gate speed & Posts 5.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA -  8 w 3,7 w 3,7 w 2,4,9 w ALL)

8-A CROWN FOR LINDY...warrior returned to sharp form in last. Still a capable force in this class. After 55th!

3-ZORGWIJK IMPACT...left in last from PP8 looking but nothing doing & hung out to dry. Much better spot.

7-THE BUDSTER...warrior has won $651K & comes off nice win even after 3 weeks off. On the engine in here.

4-NEW SCENT...mare went kind of an “even-steven” mile in last. Stayed close up for most of the way in last.

9-TYMAL RECAP...outside post hurts a bit but will be out and following live cover entire last lap. Rattles cages.

RACE FIVE                                                

7-SKEEBALL...pulled turn 2 in last and dented :28 backside quarter. Right timed brush could upset applecart.

6-FASHIONRUFFLES...showed a tad of gate speed in last and then second move backside. Cover flow here.

8-SPORTS EXPERT...has lightning gate speed & will be on the motorcycle revving it up leaving. Recent decent.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -    2 w 1 w 1,2,7 w 2,4,7)                   

2-KEYSTONE BODACIOUS...was very competitive against slightly tougher foes in last. Dips to amiable spot.

8-M T UR POCKETS...put in a very mild bid 3d quarter in last but :28 panel was hard to dent. Cover flow here.

1-SOUTHWIND STRYKER...very fast but sometimes unpredictable. Qually was good. Needs to stay flat here.


1-ASHLEY’S DESIRE...dips to very amiable spot here, drew well, too. Showed explosive backside pace in last.

2-RIVER RISING...pulled 5/16s out in last and did show good pace to the wire. Drew much better. 2nd Over?

3-SUES YOUR DADDY...unable to join fray from 9 post in last. Could be on the choo-choo when gate leaves.


7-RAILEE WORKABLE...blazed over thee course in last & set lifetime mark, tho tiring a bit late. Likes the front!

1-SERENDIPITIOUS...missed week, yes, but still should be prominent, especially from the inside post. On tkt.

2-SHE’S ALL IN...drew poorly last time out & could never join the fray. Dangerous when draws inside posts.

RACE  NINE (DOUBLE -    2-10, 4-10, 7-10)

7-FOUR STARZ ALEX...hot property lately and back down a notch to “4‘s” where he does the most damage.

2-BEST DREAM SEEKER...got picture perfect handling in last to win Billings Pace. Warrior close to 300 starts.

4-A FOOL FOR MARK...returned to great form in last in fashion not typical to his liking. Off the pace in here?

RACE TEN (SUPER HI-5 -  10 w 3 w 2,5,6,7,9 ALL THE WAY)

10-TALKTOMECOURAGE...second tier post may be a blessing as he should get some live cover flow this time.

3-DAWN’S DESIRE...liked pace on backside in last giving hint. Compares very nicely on this bottom rung.

2-DR FLAMINGO...was given alert handling in last and seemed interested all the way. Had some punch late!

9-HILLBILLY KID...start is key here as he must be on the engine to join the party early. Recent are decent.

7-HILLCREST BIG DADDY...takes care of himself on the track & needs a bubble or two to contend in here.


Written by John Berry