Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

Profile Picture: Chantal Variot

Chantal Variot

April 14th, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE -   1-6, 2-6, 5-6       PICK-5 -   1,2,5 w 6 w 6 w 1 w 1,2)

2-WILLIAMS WISH...pulled turn 2 after leader got away cheap, got up closer final turn & had good trot late.

1-THUNDERCREST...can really turn on afterburners late. Just hope he can wend away out for 2nd over trip.

5-PC’S ALLEYWAY...luckily gets in on “NW first money condition.” Nice advantage that worked in last race.

RACE TWO                                              

6-IMHERETOTAKEOVER...lightly raced youngster was sent way wide turning for home & closed ferociously.

4-VICTOR D MORGAN...showed speed when Hummer left the station, yielded & chased good one home after.

1-CROWN POINT...improved a bit in last & drew well here. Should be a bit tighter for this encounter. On tkt.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -    6 w 1 w 1,2 w 6,7,8 w 2,5 w 4,5)

6-CARTOONIST...post destroyed chances in last but had all four hooves off the ground in final stages. LIKE!

3-SURGE SEELSTER...seemed confused with 2nd tier post in last. Clean second over trip would be threat here.

1-NEEDLES AND PINS...pulled on backside with sharp pace double-bubbled denting quick 3rd panel-his :27.1.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA -   1 w 5 w 2,3,8 w 2,3,8 w ALL)

1-REGALANTHROPIST...used hard in last making top 3/8s in & then nailed last couple of strides. 1/4 move.

5-BALL DON’T LIE...pulled turn 2 and kept grinding forward rest of the way in solid effort. Recent form sharp.

3-WHATA BIZNESS...forgiving last. Not much on paper lately but can turn on afterburners when in the mood.

8-WALTZACROSSTHEWIRE...hasn’t won often recently & post hurts but dangerous off cover & lively fractions.

2-Y S JOE...proved shortest is best when he snick through along pylons to win last. Does step up for this one.

RACE FIVE                                               

1-I’LL TELL YOU WHAT...warrior has 60 wins and tons of back class. In a very amiable situation from post 1.

2-SAINT PATTY’S DOLL...made rare miscue in last. Possesses loads of gate speed, a tactical advantage here.

6-TOWNLINE MOMMA...off some time but last time off a couple of weeks, came back strong & “made” ticket.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -    6,7,8 w 2,5 w 4,5 w 1,2,3)                                

6-MASTER OF PUPPETS...post destroyed chances in last. Can catch live cover & rattle some cages in the lane.

8-ALONEINSPADES...outside post, yes, but has the gate speed to overcome. Dips down to appetizing spot.

7-COOPERS BEACH...veteran tried different strategy in last cutting the mustard in a much improved effort.


2-OWOSSO FLASH...has huge brushing power for for a half mile. Strong pace on backside in last. Drew well.

5-FOUR SOCKS...classy veteran dips down a notch here. Getting tighter every start. Threatens on best here.

4-PART TIME...never really got into the hunt in last but did pace final 3/4s in 1:23.4. Double dips in class.


4-MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP...developing into a VERY good performer. Can really turn it on when chips are down.

5-SING FOR ME GEORGE...think he’s going to be on the vhoo-vhoo train from coveted 5 post trying to wire.

2-ARSENAL...just a “6”claimer few weeks back, almost won the Open last time out. Superior form right now.


2-ABREATHOFRESHART...paced final 3/4s in 1:23.3 in last but was just too far back to do damage. Like spot.

3-DEL RIO SEELSTER...been solid lately, especially when drawing inside. Probably on his motorbike leaving.

1-GOLDSTAR RAIDER...pulled under the line first time & kept grinding away in very sharp effort. Flies late!

RACE  TEN (DOUBLE -   3-8)

3-OFFICERNAGENTLEMAN...key is start. LOVES wiring act & big percentage of life wins have been that way.

5-LILYS REAL BOY...went unbelievable mile (and 25 yards) in last at 63/1. It even left the announcer in awe.

4-PRINCE PINANG...made two moves in last, the last one first over on backside. Cover flow trip threatens.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 -   8 w 1,3,5,6 w 1,3,5,6 w 1,3,5,6 w ALL)

8-JUST THAT...warrior looked sharp last 2 starts. Outside post, yes, but can catch live cover last lap & upset.

3-SHIPPS XPECTATION...had a very horrendous journey in last. Classy warrior has $600K on his lifetime card.

6-TERANADAWN...led every step of last mile...except last three of four. Will be on the engine this time, too.

1-BEIGNET...extremely sharp right now and should benefit greatly from the draw here. WAS an Open horse.

5-SILVER SPIR...stepped up in class in last after being claimed & sat a bit too long & got shuffled. Late pace.


Written by John Berry.