Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

April 21st, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE - 1-4         PICK-5 -   1 w 4 w 3,4 w 5,6,9 w 6)    

1-OVERNIGHT SHIPPER...post hindered in last but showed strong, prolonged trot from opener to mid-stretch.

5-PHOENICIAN...made 2 moves in last--second on short rest grinding forward but couldn’t make the top.

7-DEWEY’S BREEZE...lightly raced youngster trotted final 3/4s in 1:27.3 in a solid effort. Might be on engine.

RACE TWO                                              

4-REGALANTHROPIST...made quarter move to the top in last & never looked back. Stays put in same class!!

1-MUSIC IS ART...youngster was awesome in 2017 debut. No telling how good he is quite yet. Big threat.

3-ARTISTIC CRUISER...left like a rocket ship in last then yielded & chased sharp winner all the way home.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -    3,4 w 5,6,9 w 6 w 4,8 w 3)

3-TOWNLINE MOMMA...dawdled way back early as winner built big lead. Strong double-bubbled last 5/16s.

4-REVRAC HARBOUR...made mild backside bid in last. Compares well with others here. Can “make” ticket.

8-WINDING HILL...outside post, yes, but has big time talent. Needs to leave a bit & look for good spot early.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA -   9 w 5,6,7 w 5,6,7 w 5,6,7,10 w ALL)

9-PANOCCHIO...champ is back in action after 2 quallies. Will be on choo-choo train when the Hummer leaves.

5-ROCKNTOUCH...paced final 3/4s in 1:23.3 in a grinding win. Recent form very sharp. Threatens again here.

6-ROCK ON MOE...warrior can still throw lethal punch. Should be tighter this time after couple of starts.

7-HEART FELT...made first up backside bid in last but :27.2 finale by winner too much to handle. Likes cover.

10-WINYARD HANOVER...second tier post, yes, but follows aggressive leader & should be well placed here.

RACE FIVE                                               

6-ROYAL ARCH...makes three year-old debut getting ready for NY Stakes. Qualifier compares very well here.

7-DELI-CRAZE...consistent sort has been getting checks in recent. Can turn it on if panels are quick enough.

1-SHE’S SMOKE...did dhow a bit of trot on backside in debut here. Move to rail keeps much closer in here.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -    4,8 w 3 w 1,5 w 3,7,8)                            

4-SUNSET DREAMER....post hindered in last but can turn on the afterburners in the lane. Look for 2nd over.

8-LILYS REAL BOY...lolly-gagged way back early then paced final 3/4s in 1:23.4 but ran out of racetrack.

2-NEEDLES AND PINS...tried first up backside bid and did dent quick quarter--his :27.4. Throwing hints.


3-SURGE SEELSTER...not much on paper but dips to amiable level here & can rattle cages in the lane. Edge.

1-BEST OF RIBERA...second tier post in last. Sat chilly ‘til backside  but :56.1 final half just too tough to dent.

6-SOUTHWIND WHISKI...usually lazy leaving the gate but can turn it on in the lane. Shorter field helps here.


1-SOUTHERN WINDS...posts hindered last 2 starts. Paced middle half in :55.1 last time out. Finally drew well.

5-ARSENAL...should find company to his liking. Will be on the engine here trying the wiring act. Prob. 3/5.

6-ROCK N ROW...showed solid pace on backstretch in last--:27.2. Was very competitive in Open 2 class.


3-CARTOONIST...was used very hard making the top in last & was out-kicked late by one with 2nd over trip.

8-GOLDSTAR RAIDER...Florida bred very reliable for explosive kick in the lane. Catches live cover last lap.

7-ALWAYS A TIGER...recent form is very sharp. Tough journey in last. Needs quick fractions & live cover.

RACE  TEN (DOUBLE -   2-7, 3-7)

2-THEBESTOFJOEL...had nothing left in the tank after :26.3 & :54.3 panels to start. Dips to amiable situation.

3-CELEBRITY SCANDAL...was chewed up and spit out in last through very quick early pace. Much better draw.

7-McMARVEL...outside post, yes, but showed prolonged pace middle half mile in last. Looking for love cover.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 -   7 w 1,2,3,5 ALL THE WAY)

7-SOAKING UP THE SUN...unruly at times, but, when “sane,” can put in rousing mile. Does “sane” show up?

1-PRINCE JUBILEE...does step up here, yes, but drew well. Last very decent with first up backside move.

3-BEIGNET...about as consistent as they come in any class from “4” to “8.” Always prominent & big threat.

2-SHIPPS XPECTANCY...has has two extremely difficult journeys last couple of starts. Cover flow trip here.

5-CAM’S ORACLE...dipped back down a notch to “8’s” and performed very admirably. Can leave & close!!


Written by John Berry