Race Breakdown 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic

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Kelly Clark

August 5th, 2016

It’s the best night of the money for racing at bestbet Jacksonville, STAKES RACING TIME! This Saturday evening, August 6th, we get the finals of the 2016 $20,000 bestbet Sprint Classic. Eight of the top sprint racing competitors at the racetrack will put it all on the line for the cash and crown in this final round race. That’s won’t be the only excitement on the card, there will be trifecta scratch off tickets for our patrons, along with second chance drawings, drink specials, and the DJ co playing some of your favorite music on the apron. Let’s check out the finalists and look at how I see this race playing out.

Saturday evening August 6th, 2016

Finals of the 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic

Race 11 in post-position order –
  1. Hey Hey Daddy (Tmc’s Remedy – Need A Date) won 3 of the 4 rounds and smoked a tough field in the semis by 8 fell lengths. Tough anywhere near the early lead and gets the 1 box here. Can win with or without the lead. Should be the post time favorite.
  2. Ww’s Lost Girl (Gale Ww Wanika – Ww Comet Gone) is the best breaker in this field and draws a good rail post in this final. She is back in a groove now and should easily see the early lead if she comes to run. Holding on late is the big question mark? Will need help behind to win.
  3. Ln Houdini (Vee Man Vane* – RFB In Misery) is already a stakes winner, the 2016 Patton Silver Cup, and is looking for the sweep in this final. Would rather be outside, but has had success from here in the past. Knows how to get things done when needed, must break well tonight.
  4. Hey Pretty Baby (Tmc’s Remedy – Need A Date) is a huge closer that won 2 rounds from well, well, well off the pace. She will not be around early, so the post plays no factor for her here. She will charge late, but must be in the conversation early of if she is to have a chance to win.
  5. Boc’s Andross (Kc And All – Boc’s Coleena) is the overlooked greyhound in the mix. A stalking threat in almost every start, her solid break and determined business style gets her unnoticed. She’s better than advertised, 4 rounds in the money, and could surprise if she overcomes the post.
  6. Idaho Kinky (Kiowa Mon Manny – Idaho Scooter) is the unknown factor in this race. Winning twice in qualifying, he has the tools, but he has not done it against a field as tough as this. Growing up right before our eyes, he doesn’t know he isn’t supposed to win. Kennel won this race last year.
  7. Charlie Bale (Lonesome Cry – Manyara Bale*) is as fast as he wants to be and has gears the others only dream about. If he wants to run from this advantageous post, he will win this race, but if he sits early, he will have a tough time. Clearly the fastest, 30.06, Charlie needs to man up.
  8. Ww’s Sammy (Bella Infrared – Ww Kay Sun) is a veteran of stakes events and has finished 2nd and 3rd in her last two finals, the only problem here is the 8 box. She is a mile from her beloved rail and will need to hit the lid if she wants a chance to win. Experience might just be enough.
Ok so the field is set and it all comes down to who drew where, who wants to run, who gets a little bit lucky. As the lure comes blustering through the far turn, and the box pops open, I see Ww’s Lost Girl doing what she does best, BREAKING to the early lead. She will be followed closely by the greyhounds flanking her. Hey Hey Daddy and Ln Houdini will be right there too as Hey Pretty Baby sits and gives this trio room to rush on the inside. Boc’s Andross, Idaho Kinky, and Ww’s Sammy will duel right behind in the next level as Charlie Bale moves outside to find room as they start the rush up to the turn. On they go and the field is starting to take shape. Lost Girl is still in command and has extended her lead as they approach the first turn. Cleanly in front, she is stalked behind by Hey Hey Daddy and Ln Houdini. Charlie has made the most of the room he found and is now just off on the outside followed by the rest of the middle of the pack. Down the backside they will run and Lost Girl will continue to set the pace to the far turn. The line-stays the same, but with every stride they stalkers and closers are inching their way forward. By the time they turn for home, Lost’s Girl’s lead has evaporated and now she will be trying to hold on in the money somewhere. Hey Hey Daddy blows on by to take over command of a crowded run for the finish line. Ln Houdini is right there too, with Charlie Bale starting is patented stretch surge as Lost Girl surrenders backwards. Getting closer and closer to the wire it becomes quite a battle for the win. Put when the smoke clears I see Hey Hey Daddy getting the best of the rest and taking home the checkered flag at the wire. Charlie Bale gives his all, but comes up just short of a victory on this occasion. Ln Houdini is in the mix as well as Lost Girl survives the late charge by Hey Pretty Baby for the final spot in the superfecta. So I like (1-7-3-2)