Round 3 of bestbet Derby Tonight!

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Kelly Clark

January 23rd, 2017

The field has been trimmed down and only the top 32 greyhound remain in the 2017 edition of the $20,000 bestbet Derby. Two greyhound are undefeated in the stakes so far, Easi Ted and Omega Point, but several others are just off in contention and the quarter-finals will determine just who moves on to the semi-finals on Saturday evening. Let’s check out the remaining races and see if we can get you off on the right foot for the week.

Monday Evening January 23rd, 2017

Quarter-Finals of the 2017 $20,000 bestbet Derby

Race 7 – Big stars show up when they need to, and tonight its Barts Risingstar’s time to shine. Posted well outside I think he gets room early on and that will get him around cleanly and give him a chance to run down any leader for the win. His last two victories have come from the outside, expect another strong late effort, and a win, tonight. Another closer to worry about is the round 2 winner, Aintgunnawasteit. This greyhound also is posted well and should be coming on strong in the stretch. Both are going to have to catch the early speeders if they want to get it done in this effort. Pat C Dashboard is the obvious choice to see the front end in this closer heavy field. Midtrack is home, the 5 box is no problem, he will find his break, and force the pace throughout in this effort. Don’t sleep on Gs Hal either. This round 1 winner can dominate if he can get to the early lead in this race. Helping his in the post as this was the site of his first-round victory. Upset minded, he needs to hit the lid again if he wants to pull it off. (8-2-5-6)

Race 9 – Tough to pick against a greyhound that has 3 wins in a row, and that includes both rounds of the stakes so far, so I won’t. Omega Point has finally got it all figured out at bestbet Jacksonville and it is going to be tough for anyone to beat this greyhound. He has been breaking extremely well as of late and has enough left in the tank in the stretch to pull away, or get up in time for the win. The post might be his only hindrance here, but if he hits the lid, forgetaboutit. Another strong front-running trip for his 4th win in a row.  Pushing the pace early should be his next-door neighbor, Pat C Funkie. Funkie has taken well to the 660 course and has finished runner-up in back to back efforts in the stakes. More of the same for him as well here, that is along as he can get inside early on. Others to worry about tonight include the all out late closing monster that is Trackinfo Rich, and the DQ throwback strong finisher Hustle It Upgirl. (8-7-2-3)

Race 11 – Tough race here between a pair of second round winners, but the edge must belong to the undefeated Easi Ted. Not only has he won back to back races in the rounds, he is riding high on a 4-race win streak over 2 distances. He has not just been winning races either, he has been dominating fields in the process. In his last effort, he posted the quickest time of the rounds, 37.11, and has shown no signs of slowing down so far. Look for another strong start and for him to continue to roll in this race. Late he must deal with the other winner, 770 track record holder Herstal. Finally, she got her game back together in her last race and once again she gets to start on the inside part of the racetrack. That will help her in this effort, but she will need more if she wants to take home a victory tonight. She has the best closing speed of anyone here, but the break will be the most critical part of this race. If she can come out close early, she will be right there at the wire for the win. Some other contenders here should be the puppy stakes winner that loves it over 660 Pat C Outbounds, and the early speed threat that will be pushing the pace to the stretch, Lee Trinity. (6-3-8-4)

Race 15 – crowded up front would be a good title for this race, but one greyhound clearly has the quicks over the rest. Lk’s Centuria got back breaking again in round 2 and that led to her 5th win in her last 6 races. She has blazing early speed, and once in front, you just aren’t going to catch her before the wire. She is a monster on the front end and will prove it again in this effort. Don’t get me wrong, she will not run off and hide in this race, well she might, but I expect her to be challenged throughout. Tempo Rock has just missed in back to back effort and gets a great rail post to boot in this race. If he hits the lid, he will be there from start to finish. Pat C Merlin has duplicated those start with back to back seconds of his own. He has shown he can come from off the pace as well and should be a strong threat for most this race. Pj Just Cruisin might not have the name recognition of the rest, but her early speed should get her into the conversation at the start of this race. Remember she won in round 1 in thrilling fashion, and with a strong starting box, she might just throw her hat in the rink again tonight for the W. (5-1-7-2)

The field will be trimmed one more time as the top three remaining races full of greyhound will head into the semi-finals on Saturday evening to determine just who will make it into the finals of the $20,000 bestbet Derby.