SOUTHLAND 2015 - Quarterfinals Of $20,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES set for Wednesday, March 18

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 17th, 2015

The 2015 SOUTHLAND $20,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES QUARTERFINALS (SLEEK 16) are set for Wednesday, March 18 and the field is now down to 16 talented greyhounds vying for the championship. Listed below are the four races and the four greyhounds in each who will be trying to make the GREYT EIGHT round scheduled for March 23. As you can tell below only 8 of the top 16 seeds have advanced this far so it should be another very interesting and entertaining elimination round as we get closer to the finals. The names you see below that are bolded are the remaining top seeds that are left in the stakes contest. Remember, the next round will be held on Monday, March 23. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.





RACE 4 - 583 yards - Grade SAA

1 box - Super C Riddick

3 box - Long Watch

5 box - IRVIN OF RUCKUS (4th seed)

7 box - Get Out Way



RACE 10 - 583 yards - Grade SAA

1 box - Mega Vast

3 box - PJ Refined

5 box - IN MY MEMORY (4th Seed)

7 box - Arkans Bd Cheeks



RACE 17 -  583 yards - Grade SAA

1 box - Flying Disciple

3 box - FLYING SUPERGIANT (Top Seed)

5 box - COUNSELOR (3rd Seed)

7 box - PJ PAYINGTHEBILL (4th Seed)



RACE 18 - 583 yards - Grade SAA

1 box - SLATEX TAOS - (4th Seed)

3 box - CHASMO'S DIESEL (2nd Seed)

5 box - Dahmuhknows

7 box - CBJ IRISH CREME (3rd Seed)


At this point I've still got 3 of the 4 picks I made for the Semifinals in the chase as well as both my picks for the Finals and my pick to win it all.

My pick for the Semifinals - COUNSELOR/Flying Fired Up/Pj Refined/CHASMO'S DIESEL

My pick for the Finals - COUNSELOR/CHASMO'S DIESEL

My pick to win it all - CHASMO'S DIESEL