Southland Final Four Round

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 25th, 2016

Saturday's greyhound racing card at the Southland track will be highlighted by the running of the Final Four round of the semifinals of the 2016 Southland "Hound Madness Stakes". After Sunday's elimination round the field has now been cut down to the final 4 greyhounds from the original 64 who were entered. This stakes competition has been a lot like the first couple of rounds of the current NCAA basketball tournament as there has been one upset after another as none of the top 16 seeded greyhounds were able to make it to the final four. While I was able to have 4 out of my 8 picks make the quarterfinals, the only selection that made it to the final 8 was my pick to keep an eye on. This year's tournament has been one of the most competitive that Southland has had and the remaining final four greyhounds are a certainly a reflection of that. The 11th race in the Saturday matinee and the 11th race in the Saturday evening card are the races that will decide the two greyhounds that will advance and battle for the championship. The finals of the 2016 Hound Madness Stakes will be held on Friday, April 1. Listed below are each of the four region winners and their updated box positions for the semifinal races. Best of luck to all the remaining greyhounds as well as all their connections. Always remember that BETAMERICA is just a click away for your wagering opportunities or for any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading and good luck.

Final Four of the 2016 Southland Hound Madness Stakes are as follows.

Saturday matinee

Race 11

XKT DAVE TURIN - 1 box - 14th seed originally - has won 2 of his last 3 races

DAILY PRAYER - 3 box - 7th seed originally - has won 2 of her last 4 races


Saturday evening

Race 11

BOC'S GASGUZZIER - 1 box - 6th seed originally - has won 3 straight races

BOC'S TONY ROMO - 3 box - 5th seed originally - has won 7 straight races


Finals will be run between the two winners on Friday, April 1st.