SOUTHLAND recap - Tuesday, October 6

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MoneyMaker Mike

October 6th, 2015

As many of you know last week's MoneyMaker Mike's selections at Southland consisted of 4 dog quiniela boxes over all the distance reaces.  I had some requests over the past several weeks to give out some quiniela picks so I chose to select 4 dog boxes with the races consisting of all grades and distances over the 660, 703 and 820 yard courses. As always, I like to give recaps of how these picks turned out. Be sure to check back during the coming weeks for different picks and selections and remember that BETAMERICA is always available for those of you looking for wagering opportunities online. Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

From Monday, September 28 thru Sunday, October 4 there were a total of 51 distance races that were included in this study. The picks were 4 dog quiniela boxes. Of the 51 races, 18 were successful picks and 33 were missed. The winning percentage was approximately 35% and the total amount wagered was $612 with the winnings amounting to $512. The winning tickets varied from a low of $5.80 to a high of $85.60. Keep in mind these 51 races were all over the distance courses, none of the 334 or 583 yard races were included. While many veteran handicappers will say that they rarely play 4 dog quiniela boxes (cost $12), sometimes adding that 4th greyhound makes the difference in an average payoff and having a real nice return on your investment. I do agree however with those who say playing the 3 dog quiniela boxes (cost $6) is the more prudent way to go. Listed below is a breakdown of the grades and distances in which these races were run.

Grade AA - 8 races - hit 2 races Grade A - 8 races - hit 5 races Grade B - 11 races - hit 3 races Grade C - 11 races - hit 4 races Grade D - 13 races - hit 4 races

Distance - 660 yards - 37 races - hit 14 races Distance - 703 races - 12 races - hit 2 races Distance - 820 races - 2 races - hit 2 races