Top Races This Weekend

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Kelly Clark

August 18th, 2017

We’re back! Bestbet Jacksonville is ready to get things rolling gain this weekend with some stellar fields of greyhound heading to post to score some wins. We are going to breakdown those races and see if we can get you cashing some tickets. Top grade events over 550 and 660 yards, will be on display with stakes winners, stakes veterans, rising stars, cagey veterans, and even a track record holder in the mix, you know it is going to be a good time for all.

Friday evening August 18, 2017

Race 7 – Could be the toughest race of the weekend, and it’s the one we get to start out with. We all know what the super-pup Pure Sensation can do, and this time around he gets the 8 box. I think he gets out better, is stalking early, and proves best at the wire. He will have to catch his kennelmate, Kells Ferrari, if he wants to win though. Ferrari is firing on all cylinders right now with 3 wins in a row. Both better fear the 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic Champ Hey Hey Daddy, who has shown recently that his form is not fading just yet, and then there is the upstart puppy Jedi Texas Acre. This big-time closer has won half of his official starts and should make his presence known in the deep stretch. (8-1-6-7)

Race 10 – Easy pickins here are the track record holder, and the winner of the 2017 bestbet Sprint Classic, Real Good Feelin gets a great outside post and another win. We all know she will most likely come from off the pace, but there is no one in this race that can run with her late in the open. The lead should be saved for the quick breaking Kc’s Todd, also posted well, but no way will he be able to hold off the champ in the stretch. She might have to run down Flying Kryptonite too, as he has been known on occasion to hit the lid as well. Watch out for Lindy Booth too. This always stalking pup has been in the trifecta in 3 straight and 4 of her last 6 races in grade A. (7-2-8-4)

Race 15 – Puppy power time in this evenly matched up race that caps off the card. Kells Pretender is 6 of 7 in the quiniela for her career, including 4 victories. This huge closer should like the inside here and can run down any of the early leaders she needs to in order to get things done. More success for the fantastic puppy. Pushing the lead early should be the back to back winner Locomylegacy. Moving up nicely from B, she might just be over his head a bit here, and short late, but she should push the pace to the stretch. Watch out for the stalking threats as well. Ww Spearmint is back in grade A and has not missed the trifecta in 6 straight, and Rob Gronk is loving the new racetrack, is posted well here, and has not missed the money in his last 5 races in a row. (3-5-2-4)

Saturday matinee August 19, 2017

Race 11 – Another stellar puppy from Lester Raines to talk about is Lee Anson. This greyhound has gears the rest of the country wishes they possessed. He has been in the money in 17 of his 18 official starts, and that includes wins in his last 3 races in a row. He loves it outside and will come flying late once again to steal away the W at the wire. Pushing the lead should be Ww’s Castle Rock, and if she gets some help behind her, she might have a shot at wiring this field on the lead. Chasing the leader, and making everyone work for it, will be the early speeder Dutch Doreen from a coveted rail posted, and the on again, off again, threat that is Duke Rufus. (8-6-1-3)

Saturday evening August 19, 2017

Race 7 – Post position makes a difference in this effort. Tonight, Jj’s Beau Bates is the selection for me. This greyhound is a whole different runner from the rail and get there tonight with this 2 box. He has been pretty good without it too, as he has not missed the money in 6 straight trips. Riding high off a win, he is poised for back to back jacks in this effort. Trying to run him down will be the late closing stakes race duo of Mrl Bold Ego and Pat C Typhoon. Ego can get by anyone if he wants to late, and if he decides to break, the race will be his. (i.e. look back 2 starts) He is posted well near the midtrack and will come on strong late to challenge again here. Pat C Typhoon is no slouch either. The outside post is ideal for him and he too can come on strong in the stretch. Look for him to expand of his 5 of 6 finished in the trifecta. Don’t forget about the solid grade A Ww’s Holy Grail either. An even runner that can steal the lead and the win on occasion. She needs to break quick here in order to be successful. (2-3-8-4)

Race 11 – An evenly matched up affair that could be had by almost anyone in this race, but if SOMEONE decide that he want to run, this race will be his! Dutch Double is as fast as he wants to be and is clearly the choice in this race, that is if the faucet is turned to the hot position. If he is on, he can come from way back to score at the wire, if not, you get the even running effort. Here with extra room at the break, he should be heated up early. Pushing the pace should be the solid grade A Imar Javilin from the outside, along with Cruella Deville from the rail. Both greyhound could see the lead, both are short late, and I think they both get caught. Another late threat to keep an eye out for will be Ww Speed Train. This girl gets a good midtrack post, and could throw her hat into the ring in the stretch. (5-8-3-2)

Race 15 – Over to 660 yards for the nightcap and a very tough race 5 of the 8 greyhounds have won in grade A at this distance in their last 3 races. When in doubt, go with the stakes winners. Barts Rising Star was the winner of the 2016 bestbet Derby, and is clearly the class in this effort. Winning 3 of 4 and not missing the money in 5 straight, you know the effort you are going to get, especially from the 1 box. It will not be an easy task to get done though. Lk’s Centuria is returning and has 4 wins in 6 races showing in grade A too. Lee Trinity is riding high off a win last time out and has been in the money in 3 straight efforts and 4 of her last 6 trips, and Baseball trophy gets a look too even though he is moving up to grade A here. That win last time out, by 7 was impressive, and he hasn’t missed the cash in 5 straight races over 660 yards. Loads of talent, let’s see who wants it more tonight. (1-2-6-3)

Sunday matinee August 20, 2017

Race 11 – Another clear choice, at least on paper, in this race. Locopegaso has won back to back effort and 3 of his last 4 races. This early speed box to wire machine must get out of the starting box in a hurry to get it done, but with no big early speeders around, I think he can do it. Once in the lead, he is tough to beat. Time for a hat trick. Pushing the leader throughout should be the 2017 Ironhound Champ, Boc’s Queen Lady. This greyhound just keeps on coming no matter the distance or race or position or whatever. She gives her all in every start and I expect more of the same here. This always tough veteran runner will be there again today. Others to consider are the hot and cold running threat Roc A By Sunkist, who needs to break in order to contend, and the early threat Cat Ballou, who has been in the money in 7 of her last 9 efforts. (7-8-4-2)