Top 5 rivalries in the English Premier League

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December 2nd, 2019

The English Premier League is arguably the best soccer league in the world, and there are dozens of heated rivalries within England, some with more than 100 years of bitter history. Today we'll determine which of these conflicts is the most intense.

5. A23 Derby (Crystal Palace vs. Brighton & Hove Albion)

The A23 Derby was one that became fierce in the 1970s, when both Crystal Palace and Brighton & Hove Albion made it to the first division of English soccer. The A23 Derby name comes from the A23 road that connects Brighton with the Croydon section of London, where Selhurst Park is located. The battles between the two clubs have always been fierce and competitive. Brighton has 40 wins in this rivalry, while Palace has 38, and the teams have played to 25 draws.

4. Merseyside Derby (Everton vs. Liverpool)

When Everton and Liverpool meet, the city of Liverpool is divided into red and blue. With their stadiums just a couple hundred yards apart, this derby is the longest running in the EPL, and it is always fierce. Liverpool may have more trophies and has dominated recently, but that hasn’t stopped Everton from spoiling the party for Liverpool on many occasions.

3. Manchester Derby (Manchester United vs. Manchester City)

Is Manchester red or blue? That question is always answered during the Manchester Derby. Manchester United was long one of the best clubs in the world, while City was bouncing between the first and second divisions in England. But recently the tides have turned, with City’s emergence as a global soccer power, and that has only increased the intensity of this match.

2. North London Derby (Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur)

No rivalry may be fiercer in England. The two clubs and fans hate each other. There’s no other rivalry that has an unofficial day tied to it. Arsenal fans hope to celebrate St. Totteringham’s Day, which is when Spurs can’t mathematically catch Arsenal in the EPL standings. There’s very little crossover between clubs, and the fans root for the other’s demise daily. It also makes for some drama whenever the two teams step on the field against each other.

1. North West Derby (Liverpool vs. Manchester United)

This is one of the biggest rivalries on earth. Liverpool and Manchester United are England’s two two most successful clubs and have the biggest fanbases. Representing two major cities in Northwest England, the two teams are always competing against each other, even when they’re not on the same field.

Liverpool is chasing United’s 20 EPL trophies (Liverpool has 18), while United longs to one day match Liverpool’s six Champions League titles (United has three). United has 66 trophies to Liverpool’s 62 and leads the series 80-66-57. When these two teams play each other, England and much of the world stops to watch.

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