Play Daily Fantasy Sports at BetAmerica

BetAmerica Sports is the daily fantasy sports section of where all you have to do is log in, pick your teams, and watch them win with our live scoring!

This daily format for fantasy sports contests allows users to choose a team out of a single night’s games from the leagues of their choice, and enter their lineup into contests for real cash prizes. Currently BetAmerica Sports offers daily fantasy sports contests in NFL, NBA, & MLB.

With simple, fun, and easy one-day fantasy leagues, BetAmerica Sports offers daily contests that won’t be found anywhere else.

Fantasy Sports Options


NBA is back and we have a wide range of fantasy contests for you to play right here at BetAmerica.

Football player available for selection through one day fantasy sports money leagues


Play a wide range of fantasy football contests including multi-entry and BetAmerica Pick 6 contests.

Baseball player available for drafting through daily fantasy sports leagues at BetAmerica


Play the widest range of daily fantasy baseball contests including the daily $1m Home Run Derby.

How to Play BetAmerica One Day Fantasy Sports

Contest Types

These featured daily fantasy sports contests will run regardless if they reach their max player count and the designated prize pool is guaranteed to payout according to the specific contest description.
Salary cap contests are the standard type of contest across the daily fantasy sports industry. Each sport and contest has its own unique cap that you must use to pick your team of players. You do not have to use all of your salary cap, but you can’t go over the cap when picking your roster.
Pick’em contests eliminate the standard salary system allowing users to select any player from the list provided. Typically, pick’em contests are tiered where users have to select one player from each tier to create their one day fantasy league roster.
A BetAmerica Sports trademark, EasyScore is a Fun and Easy way to play fantasy sports daily. EasyScore is unique in that players only score from one real life statistic. For example, one passing yard will equal one fantasy point or one home run will equal one fantasy point.
These contests allow users to enter more than one roster into the same contest. The number of rosters per user will be designated in the contest name in the BetAmerica Sports lobby.
These contests are special promotional contests designated by a gold tag in the lobby. Our $1Million contests will be tagged as a promotional contest for players to easily identify them.

Daily Fantasy Sports Game Play Experience

Below is the step by step description on how to get to the daily fantasy sports lobby, fill out a roster, export that roster into similar contests, watch your roster score in the live lobby, and finally see your contest once it has completed.

Once you have logged into BetAmerica and navigated to the lobby this is what you will see.

The top tabs displayed are: Available, Entered, Live, and Complete.

The available lobby is where you will find all fantasy money leagues that are available for you to enter. Once you have entered a contest and submitted your roster the contest will move from the available lobby to your entered lobby. As soon as the contest goes live, the contest will move to the Live tab where you can watch your score update in real time. Lastly, once the contest has finished and the prize pool has been paid out the contest will move to the complete tab.


Sport Type – Located in the top left, this drop-down filter is used to navigate between all of our active sports. When a sport is inactive it will not display in the lobby, so don’t fear we do offer more sports than listed currently.

Contest Type – All of these filters allow you to filter by contest type, and each contest type is described at the top of this page.

Buy-inThis unique slider allows you to filter the lobby for specific buy-in amounts you wish to play.

Roster Size – These filters allow you to filter for specific roster sizes that you will need to fill out. For example, if you select “Pick 9″ only contests where you have to pick 9 players will display in the lobby.

Entries – This unique slider allows you to filter the lobby for contests that have a specific amount of max players that can enter a contest.

After selecting the daily fantasy sports for cash contest you want to enter from the Lobby, you will be directed to the roster selection screen (displayed below). Here is where you can find all the information about the specific contest you have selected.

Features to use when selecting a roster:

  • Opponents Section: Under this tab you are able to see everyone who has already entered this contest prior to you.
  • Prizepool Section: Under this tab the prize structure will be broken down and which places will get paid what amount.
  • Scoring Section: Under this tab the unique scoring for the contest will be spelled out.
  • Lock Your Spot?: This button allows you to pay the entry fee and lock your spot without having to fill out your roster at that given moment. All rosters all editable up until the start of the contest, so locking your spot could be a great option if you see the contest filling up fast, but you don’t know your roster yet.
  • Import: Import allows you to import an existing roster that you have made for the exact same contest type as the one you are entering. When you click on the import button the below image is what will be displayed where you can submit one of your other rosters into this contest.

Once you have submitted your roster, you will be directed to the below screen where you will receive confirmation at the top that your roster has been submitted. Additionally, our quick entry lobby will appear. All the contests that are the exact same game type as the one you just entered will appear on the right allowing you to export your current roster into any of the contests.


Once you have submitted your roster, you will be directed to the below screen where you will receive confirmation at the top that your roster has been submitted. Additionally, our quick entry lobby will appear. All the contests that are the exact same game type as the one you just entered will appear on the right allowing you to export your current roster into any of the contests.

You can enter your roster into any of the contests displayed on the right of your roster by simply clicking on them. Once you select a contest you wish to enter, a green check mark will appear on the contests (seen below). If you do not want to enter any other contests then you can navigate back to the lobby by clicking either MLB or Lobby in the top left of your screen. Once you finished selecting the additional contests you wish to enter, scroll down to the bottom of the list to hit enter, submitting your rosters into those additional contests.

The Live Lobby looks just like the entered lobby and the normal lobby, but has your Score and Rank listed. You are able to filter within this Live lobby using the lobby filters at the top.


Should you want to see an individual contest simply click on your desired contest. That will open up the below window where you can see your roster on the left and the current standings on the right. You can compare your roster to anyone else’s by clicking on their username or ranking on the right.  Live scoring updates automatically every 10 seconds without refreshing the page. If a stat is not seen or is displayed incorrectly, then wait until the end of the quarter/inning and the stats will be changed to reflect the official box score.

Once the last real life game has official gone complete by the league, your contests will move from the Live tab to the Complete tab. In the complete tab you are able to see your 1,000 most recent completed contests that are filterable by sport, contest type, roster size, buy-in, and entry number.

If you wish to see the breakdown of a specific contest, simply click on your desired contest. The below screen will appear allowing you to see how your roster compared to others in the contest. Like in the Live scoring, you can click on anyone on the right and their roster will appear allowing you to see who they selected and where they got their fantasy points from.

**Note: The tiny number next to the usernames displayed on the right are there because this example contest is a multi-entry contest and users are allowed to have more than one roster in the contest.