Scully’s Week 2 NFL picks: Playing a hot hand in Dallas

Week 1 in the NFL told us a lot about the upper-echelon teams and exposed holes in others. A couple of projected playoff teams that got off to fast starts are among this week’s five pack of picks, and we’re playing the road team Monday night.

Scott Shapiro’s Week 2 NFL Six Pack

An extremely entertaining opening NFL Sunday that featured a number of lopsided scores, but also a couple thrillers, got the 2019 season rolling. A slate loaded with 1 p.m. ET starting times and a number of road favorites awaits pigskin fans in Week 2.

Bettor’s Remorse: The 5 NFL teams that burned me in Week 1

BetAmerica Extra columnist Zack Rhodes takes a remorseful look back at Week 1 and reflects on the five underperforming NFL teams that left him in a dark place, murmuring under his breath and mumbling to himself.

Scott Shapiro’s Week 1 NFL Six Pack

Last year Scott Shapiro provided readers with a four pack of games each weekend, but in 2019 he will ramp things up and chat about the six contests he feels most strongly about.

What we learned from Week 2 of the NFL preseason

The NFL preseason has reached the halfway point, following another round of exhibition games over the weekend. Here's a recap of it all and five key takeaways from Week 2 of the preseason.

NFL: Breaking down the weakest link on every NFC team

Week 2 of the NFL preseason is back in action Thursday, but before you sit down to watch the latest batch of games, let's review Week 1's performances, with a look at the biggest weakness on each NFC team.

Thursday Night NFL preseason preview: Jets at Falcons

The second full week of the 2019 NFL preseason gets rolling Thursday evening, with five games on tap, including a matchup in Georgia between the Falcons and the Jets.

What we learned from Week 1 of the NFL preseason

The first week of the NFL preseason was far from a crystal ball into the future of the 2019 season, but it still left plenty to evaluate. From rookie quarterback play to offensive firepower and one exciting touchdown return, here are five key takeaways from Week 1 of the preseason.

Week 1 NFL preseason game-by-game odds and picks

It's is a perfect time to bet on football, as the bettor often has as much advantage as the sportsbook when it comes to predicting preseason play.

Who’s hot and who’s not in the NFL?

There is a phrase in sports psychology—"train your mind and the body will follow"—that alludes to the power of our beliefs, motivations and resiliency. It also speaks to the power of momentum, the human tendency to ride waves good thoughts to success or float down a river of despair toward failure. As we approach the 2019 NFL season, some teams clearly have momentum coming in, while others may already see the sad stream before them. Hot list Cleveland Browns There's [...]