The Great Debate: Head To Head Games

There is no shortage of controversy in politics and both political parties are certainly heating things up this year with the pending presidential election in November. Along with all of that comes the debate season which is in full swing at this point. The democratic candidate and the republican candidate both squaring off to do battle with words. As debate season continues, this would be the best time to take a look at head to head contests where contest players [...]

Two Entry Strategies

Everywhere you look these days you will be able to easily find two for one deals. Whether it be for food, video games, shoes, hats, and even cars you can always find a "B.O.G.O" (Buy One Get One) and feel like you get your money's worth. Obviously the "B.O.G.O" is a clever psychological marketing scheme but the idea of having more of something always has appeal and it is no different in handicapping contests. When handicapping contests allow for more than [...]