Semi-Finals bestbet Sprint Classic

The Semi-finals of the 2017 bestbet Sprint Classic should be a while affair and 14 of the top 24 remaining greyhounds are just a win away from the point lead and everyone still might have a chance, if the cards play out right, to make it into the finals. The points are spread out a bit and it should be interesting to see just who shows up on Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville. Let’s take a closer look at the [...]

Pup Sensation Rules in Round 3

The third round of the 2017 bestbet Sprint Classic was ruled by longshots. Only one single favorite took home the top spot in the 4 rounds, and that win belonged to the new Sensation at the racetrack. Pure Sensation broke on top in the 7th race on the card, but was quickly outrushed to the lead by the ankle burner Gs Viola. He stalked the leader to the turn, but she stole a couple of lengths on him early on. [...]

bestbet Sprint Classic Round 3

Round 3 of the bestbet Sprint Classic runs on Monday evening July 24th at bestbet Jacksonville. Although the field has gotten smaller and competition has gotten taller. Only 4 races remain in the stakes and every point counts from now on out if you want to make it into the finals. Leading the way with back to back wins is Watch Me and Ww Mind At Rest, but they are not the only ones that stand a chance at making [...]

The Night Goddess

The 2017 edition of the Battle of the Sexes race lived up to its name on Saturday evening July 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. Through all the hype and just which side was better, it came down to just who wanted it more in the 11th race. At the wire it was a photo finish, one male, one female, but who edged out who?? As Rusty rattled through the far turn the box came open for the 11th time on the [...]

Palm Beach Final Top 10 Rankings and Races 2016-2017 Season

What a memorable season we just experienced at Palm Beach!  From Triple Crown runs, to unbelievable comebacks & national television coverage, this season really did have it all.  The memories that were made at America's favorite greyhound destination will be talked about for years to come that is for certain. Here are the final Top 10 rankings for this season and the best races we saw at "The Beach!" #1 Fraulein Morgan  ~ Middle Distance  ~ Janie Carroll Kennel ~33 [...]

Battle of the Sexes Final

Another great stake event at bestbet Jacksonville is upon us! The 2017 edition of the Battle of the Sexes will take place on Saturday evening July 1st in the 11th race on the card. It will be the top 4 Females vs. the top 4 Males in this contest, but it won’t be the only attraction on the card. Saturday will kick off our 2nd Double Quiniela wager, that comes in race 4 and 5 in addition to the normal [...]

Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 6-25-2017

The ending to the story is nearly complete. With the conclusion to the 2016-2017 season just on the horizon, we've been looking back at the many great moments we saw this past year on our social media feeds.  We also had a superstar retire and a jammed packed July 4th card is one you will not want to miss coming up.  I also posed the question whether a USA hound could ever win an international tournament. Here's the top stories [...]

Battles of the Sexes Semi-Finals

The semi-finals of the 2017 Battle of the Sexes are here and all bets are off. The points are cleared out and you must show up on Saturday evening if you want a chance to make the finals and cash in with the crown. Two full races of greyhounds remain, 8 girls and 8 boys, and the top 4 finishers from each race will compete in the finals next Saturday evening, July 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. Even if you haven’t [...]

Palm Beach Best Of Lists For The 2016-2017 Season

Another racing season is about to be wrapped up in just over a week at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.  A season that saw remarkable stakes finals, new superstars emerge and even a spot on Fox News.  The memories that were made this year will last for a lifetime. As with tradition at the end of the season, we love to look back at our favorite moments and greyhounds we've witnessed over the past 12 months.  Our Top 10 replays [...]

The Mighty Have Fallen

In the third round of the 2017 Battle of the Sexes, two favorites won their races, but neither of them were the undefeated greyhounds that headed into battle. Both of the mighty have fallen, and now with the points fanning out, it is going to be interesting to see just who moves on the semi-finals on this race. Showing the rest how things should be done was the surprise winner Bang Ludwig in the 11th race on the card. This [...]