Weekend Hot Takes: Tennessee is Super Bowl bound

Is it getting hot in here or is it just our takes? BetAmerica columnists Ashley Anderson, Jeremy Balan, Ryan Murphy and Thomas Tassone share their sizzling picks for this weekend’s sports action. Handle with caution!

EPL game of the week: Arsenal vs. Manchester United

The Premier League jumps right into 2020 with a large slate of matches on New Year’s Day. Arsenal and Manchester United meet in what is normally a fierce rivalry that routinely has implications on who wins the league. This time around, both teams are struggling to get back into contention for a European cup spot, so this match will determine who will stay in the race and who will be on the outside looking in.

EPL Boxing Day preview: Leicester City vs. Liverpool & 8 more

One of the great traditions in all of soccer is the English Premier League's annual Boxing Day slate. This year’s schedule features a couple great games, including a match between the top two teams in the league. Let’s quickly break down each match you can watch December 26.

EPL game of the week: Manchester City vs. Manchester United

The Manchester Derby will have its latest installment Saturday, December 7, when Manchester City hosts Manchester United. Throw the records out the window on this one, as we solve one of England’s most pressing questions. Is Manchester blue or red?

Top 5 rivalries in the English Premier League

The English Premier League is arguably the best soccer league in the world, and there are dozens of heated rivalries within England, some with more than 100 years of bitter history. Today we'll determine which of these conflicts is the most intense.

EPL game of the week: Manchester United vs. Liverpool

The English Premier League game of the week will see the top team in the league travel to Old Trafford on Sunday to participate in arguably England's greatest rivalry. Will there be an upset, or will the leaders continue to flourish?

Ashley Young tops list of EPL players who need to retire

The English Premier League is loaded with talent, with some of the best players in the game playing at the highest level. However, there are some that have long since outstayed their welcome and probably should be collecting retirement benefits. Here are the five players that should seriously consider calling it a career.

Top 5 most overrated EPL stars

The English Premier League season is well underway, and every weekend millions of fans turn on their TVs to watch some of the brightest stars in the world play. However, there are some players that get a little more shine than they deserve. They’re talked about like they’re the best players in the league when they don’t deserve that billing. Here are some of the EPL’s most overrated stars.

EPL game of the week: Manchester United vs. Arsenal

The best match of the English Premier League week won’t take place until Monday night in England, but it will be worth the wait. Manchester United will look to get back on track against Arsenal, as both teams try to keep pace with the leaders in the table.

EPL game of the week: Manchester United vs. Leicester City

The Premier League is back in action this weekend as Leicester City heads to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United. Leicester is off to a hot start in the EPL, while Manchester United will want to get three points to move up the table and keep themselves within striking distance of the leaders. Who will get back into the swing of things with a win?