Examining parlays in sports wagering

A parlay wager has a storied and much-debated place in the history of sports gambling. It is typically a single wager (there are progressive and if-bet parlays, but that's for another day) that links together at least two separate games and requires all outcomes chosen to succeed to cash in. If you fail to bat 1.000 on your picks in a parlay, you lose. The debate around parlays within the gambling community originates from the house take and true odds [...]

BetAmerica bettor needs a Minor Cy Young for a big score

Pitching a bet on Cy Young Action is balanced on the World Series here at BetAmerica Sportsbook, but we do have one bettor hoping for a big payday betting on the Cy Young Award. This bettor is hoping to cash in on Texas Rangers pitcher Mike Minor’s hot start to the season. He holds a $100 ticket on Minor to win the American League Cy Young Award at 300-1 odds. BetAmerica baseball analyst Robert Criscola has other opinions in a [...]

Big money: Why NFL lines move

NFL Line Moves Find BetAmerica's listing of both NFL and College Football lines in our online sportsbook! When NFL season rolls around, the big money rolls in. I'm already pulling money from each paycheck to move into my, "Hell yes, its Sunday!" fund. I'm not a limit player by any means, but limits go up for the NFL, and that means the opportunity to win money goes up. Do you ever see an NFL line stick at one number with [...]

NHL Weekend Free Picks

Another great Saturday of NHL action takes place headlined by Sharks-Blue Jackets, and two of the hottest teams in the league throwing down in Bruins-Blues. Saturday's an awesome day of action on the ice, so here are my NHL Weekend Free Picks! [Saturday, Feb. 23] Washington Capitals -125 at Buffalo Sabres +105 (1:00 pm ET) The Caps head to Buffalo without a single injury. That’s rare for a team at this point in the regular season. Buffalo’s got a couple [...]

What was the Best Breeders’ Cup Classic Bet of All Time?

Being asked “what was the best Breeders’ Cup Classic bet” is a bit like being asked what was the best baseball home run ever – something that will be different depending on what team you like, what era you hold most dear, etc. For most players, the answer is very personal to them – most likely their best winning bet. If your only good memory of playing the Classic was a winning ticket on American Pharoah at 7-10 odds, it’s [...]