2018 Australian Rugby League Playoffs – Week 2 Preview

by Alastair Bull While Aussie Rules fans look forward to the second round of their 2018 Australian Rugby League playoffs this weekend in the Land Down Under, the country’s other major football code is also in the second week of the postseason. Rugby League, the 13-a-side code which split from its close and more dominant 15-a-side cousin Rugby Union early in the 20th century, is the biggest winter sport in New South Wales and Queensland. And in 2018, the National Rugby [...]

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France Top 14 Rugby Union Preview

Unpredictability is perhaps the most predictable pattern when trying to sort out a winner of France’s Top 14, the most lucrative domestic rugby union competition in the world and one of the most frequently played in sports betting. The Top 14, which begins Aug. 25, features a 26-match regular season and is then finally decided by a finals series involving the top six teams. The top two get the first weekend off while the other four fight for a semi-final [...]

The 2018 Rugby Championship Week 1 Breakdown

by Alastair Bull The 2018 Rugby Championship is coming! August is a great month for football codes. The NFL season and the European soccer seasons start, while in the southern hemisphere, another major competition is set to begin. The Rugby Championship – and its forerunner, the Tri-Nations – has consistently been the best annual international rugby competition in the world, with the teams usually near the top of the world rankings. No better illustration of this strength came in 2015, when [...]