NCAAF weekday preview: North Carolina at Pittsburgh & 2 more

The 4-5 North Carolina Tar Heels have been a difficult team to peg in head coach Mack Brown’s first season. On Thursday night the Tar Heels will get the chance to prove themselves in a crucial matchup with ACC Coastal foe Pittsburgh.

Why bet on sports? Because you’re a fan

Most people are sports fans before they become bettors. They grow up rooting for a team, following a league or playing a sport themselves. The learned knowledge of a team or sport that comes with following offers the hope of financial gain in the form of betting. I grew up rooting for the Packers, so when it was explained to me that I could make money the next time they played the Lions, I was all ears. On college campuses [...]

Sports Franchise Owners Who Have Raced Thoroughbreds

Mo Tom winning the Lecomte Stakes (gr. III) at Fair Grounds - Photo by Amanda Weir Hodges / Hodges Photography The owners of sports teams tend to have two things in common—they enjoy sports, and they have the wherewithal to pursue their passion. Perhaps that’s why some have diversified their sporting interests to include racing horses. The list of people who have owned both sports teams and racehorses includes highly recognizable names from both sides of the equation. [...]

Sports Phrases That Originated With Horse Racing

Horse racing has a long, rich history—indeed, it can be considered one of the world’s oldest organized sports. So it’s not really surprising that many phrases commonly used in sports and other competitive events originated in the horse racing world. Here are five examples, and we’ll bet at least one or two of them surprise you: Down the Stretch Most Thoroughbred racetracks (particularly in North America) are oval-shaped, with the straightway leading to the finish line referred to as the [...]

NHL Match-Ups to Watch on Saturday

Saturday’s loaded slate of NHL action is full of lucrative opportunities on game totals. Many of the day’s match-ups feature high scoring offenses against high scoring offenses and vice versa. The lines are still sitting within a half point of six in either direction, so bank on the low hanging fruit until trends show otherwise. Las Vegas Golden Knights vs Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia has been hurt by a few injuries but they’ve managed to make good work with their offense. [...]