Halfway through Saratoga, which jockeys are riding strongest?

With four weeks down and four still to come at the 2019 Saratoga summer meet, a handful of jockeys have reaped most of the victories.

Using negative stats to your advantage when betting the NFL

When it comes to the NFL, just about everything is tracked. It's easy to get lost in the statistics, trying to determine which have value relative to the spread and which don't. Here are five key statistics that tell me I don't want to wager on a team. Turnovers If a team doesn't take care of the football, it is destined to be on the losing end of the spread more often than not. While turnover ratio directly measures fumbles [...]

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Five stats to lean on for NFL wagering

While some NFL stats show up like a big red flag before you decide to place a wager, others appear as a green light prompting you to fire away. Let's take a look at five key stats that indicate one team is in a better position than its opponent. Interception rate A low interception rate can directly translate to covering the spread. In the last 10 years, the two teams with the best record against the spread are the New [...]

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Sports betting ‘modelers’ are changing the game

Modeling is a concept on the periphery for most sports gamblers. Plenty of people give out sports picks, but very few do so with the justification the picks are what their model kicked out.  For those gamblers who build a model and see success with it, sharing is not caring. It becomes a kind of trade secret, a secret algorithm of weighted values assigned to certain variables that can provide winning selections. A successful modeler may tell you he has [...]

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7 Surprising Stats About Kentucky Derby Betting

With just over 2 months remaining until the 2017 Kentucky Derby, the action is heating up as contenders travel across the country in search of qualifying points. With each passing week, the field for the 143rd running over "the most exciting two minutes in sports" slowly takes shape. Betting on the 2017 Kentucky Derby is already underway via "futures" pools, and serious players already are doing in-depth research on this year's crop of potential entries. As such, we decided to [...]