South Region Featured Game – #12 Oregon vs. #5 Wisconsin

Oregon could be the cagiest 12-seed to back in the South Region! Our own James Scully highlights the clash between Oregon and Wisconsin in his South Region Game of the Week! Check out his full break down for the South region by clicking here. Oregon will battle Wisconsin on Friday, March 22nd at 4:30pm ET. #12 Oregon vs #5 Wisconsin -1.5 A match-up between teams heading in different directions and no evidence suggests a turnaround. Oregon has not resembled the [...]

2018 Wisconsin Badgers Center Around Taylor

by DS Williamson The 2018 Wisconsin Badgers have some unfinished business from last year after a rip roaring, almost-undefeated run where they tripped up in the final game of the regular season. Their 21-27 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes in last season’s Big Ten Championship Game is serving as high motivation. If Wisconsin had beaten Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship, they would have garnered a spot in the College Football Playoff. The Badgers didn’t let the loss deter [...]