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Most people are sports fans before they become bettors. They grow up rooting for a team, following a league or playing a sport themselves.

The learned knowledge of a team or sport that comes with following offers the hope of financial gain in the form of betting. I grew up rooting for the Packers, so when it was explained to me that I could make money the next time they played the Lions, I was all ears.

On college campuses around the country each fall, this enlightenment usually occurs in earnest, breeding the newest class of gambler. As sports betting spreads like wildfire around the U.S., education of the masses is occurring, not just in the local dorm room or frat house, but also at the water cooler, the sports bar and the golf course.

The incentive behind placing a wager is fairly self-explanatory. Winning money on sports is fun. Sure, watching your team win a game is a lot of fun, but imagine getting paid to do it as well! It’s the best of both worlds. It really is an indescribable joy.

And as sports betting has evolved, so too have the ways you can win. In the old days you could only bet on a team covering the spread⁠—one game, wagers made in the hours or days prior to the game and only if you were in Vegas. Fortunately for all of us, the evolution of sports gambling is occurring before our very eyes, as states legalize the activity and sportsbook operators expand their offerings to include futures, in-game wagering, props and parlays. If you want to sit in your living room, sign up and login to, and bet on your team to win the whole thing at big odds, you can now do so! Of course you can also still bet on a game-by-game basis, and most of us do, but the creativity of offerings is where the real team experts can make a buck.

There are two reasons sports betting is growing nationwide: millions do it and it is fun. Football season is almost here. Let’s have some fun.

Whatever your game is, BetAmerica has you covered! Check out all the sportsbook’s offerings here!